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But It's Better If You Do

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Brendon and Spencer were called to do a photo shoot/interview for the so called 'NEW' Panic!

Most of the interviews, I do all of the talking, but this time Spencer took over. Towards the end I talked about Ryan and how we are still friends. SHIT. I forgot to tell Spencer about the past few days. He's going to kill me.

Photos of us aren't just the same with out Ryan and I holding hands, or trying to look as gay as possible, you know...for the fans.

I text Jon telling him to come pic of his other basses he left in the studio in my house. I immediately change his name into Cat Man in my phone. WHY AM I SO AWFUL? Jon came late to my house, as usual. He stunk of litter and catnip. I literally ran and grabbed my febreeze Pet Odor spray and sprayed it all over him. I used my excuse, "Oh shit, sorry man I..It was my ADHD." Jon being Jon, went along with my lie and accepted it and left. I laughed so hard. And began to realize that I need to stop being such an asshole.

Brendon and Ryan are in Ryan;s bedroom and laugh and talk about the times they had in the band"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!" Ryan laughs so hard. "remember that time when I was a bird, and you were a map?", Ryan's lyrical joke made me chuckle. In response, I told my usual lame joke, "Why couldn't the Indians get a hotel room?" I say. Ryan says "I don't know". I say,"Because they couldn't get a reservation!!!". Ryan found this insanely funny.
I kiss his cheek and fall asleep into his arms. THIS is what I needed.
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