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Episode 3 _The Underground Laboratory

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In this episode Ezro and Navi make a shocking discovery about kojo and along with that discovery they learn how they are going to get the emerald.

Category: Sonic the Hedgehog - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Fantasy,Humor - Published: 2012-03-30 - Updated: 2012-03-30 - 790 words


As they entered into metropolis Kojo talked with Ezro and Navi “So here’s whats going to happen, you both are going to come with me to my great laboratory and wait until I finish my sub, luckily I had already started working on it a while ago for obvious reasons… oh look here we are” the trio come to a halt in front of what looks like an old run down garage. “wow this announcer guy really isn't cutting any slack is he…” said Kojo defeated“ tell me about it, but at least my place looked better then this, this place sticks out like swollen thumb” said Ezro. Navi corrects Ezro” don't you mean sore thumb buddy?” Ezro looked at Navi and looked back at the shack. The trio enter the shack to see an odd looking elevator.

Ezro replies instantly feeling like its his chance to talk trash “ Kojo your lab is just an elevator? Hah, its BARELY different then my house accept it has a elevator in the middle that probably goes to basement..” Kojo replies calmly “ yep, you’re right, lets just go inside and check it out” Navi smiles running in the elevator and says” I bet there's candy in there!” Kojo and Ezro follow behind Navi getting in the silver decorated elevator. The door closes and Kojo pressed the down button and said "You may wanna hold onto something” Navi was leaning against the railing on the back with his hands on it kicking his legs up happily while Kogo stand with one hand on the railing. “calm down Joe, its just an elevator” says Ezro folding his arms refusing to hold the railing. “this oughta be good” said Kojo then he began to make a count down. “five…..four….three….two….one” then the elevator suddenly drops at a lightning speed! Ezro let out a girlish scream floating up against the ceiling of the elevator while Kojo looking rather bored is holding the rail with his feet in the air and Navi is also floating but not like the others yelling “Weeeee!!!” as if he was on a roller coaster. The elevator came to a sudden halt after falling for what felt like 15 minutes.

Kojo and Navi made a rough but not so bad landing but Ezro having refused safety zoomed straight from the ceiling to the floor belly flopping against it. “I'm not hurt" says ezro weakly standing up. Kojo opened the door and stepped out with the others to see a laboratory vast and wide. Ezro jaw drops and says” this is….I don’t even… wow..” Navi yells ”its like a giant underground future city!”
Ezro asked “ Kojo how were you able to make all of this? How long did it take?!” “details details, don’t worry about it. Lets just get to the marine section where I dabble in the aquatics, just know this place took around a month or two to make.” moments later they arrive at the marine section of Kojo’s lab and the scene amazed Ezro and Navi. It looked like a metallic digital beach with a cave on the other side separated by water.

“amazing isn't it, stay here guys” said Kojo going into what looked like a building more inland away from the beach. “oh yea here Navi, describe yourself into this capsule, help him out Ezro” says Kojo tossing the data capsule to Ezro. Ezro catches it and responds” fine, here Navi go ahead and-” Ezro stopped to see that Navi went back to the water to play in it. “Hey bird brain come here and do this real quick” “oh okay, sorry.” Ezro holds out the capsule. Navi talks into it and says “ I'm a sky blue blue jay and my name is Navi, I have a long tail that I use to fly because I don’t have wings, and I have feathers going back and a sorta bent like a hook” the capsule made noise and shot up a beam of light just like it did for Ezro and a completely perfect image of Navi appeared. “hey look its me! Hi me!” says Navi trying to poke his image threw the capsule light. Inside the building was Kojo looking threw a window that looked all the way out to the end of the cavern. Speaking threw a microphone Kojo says “attention bird brain and guy with the face, please clear the area” as kojo pressed a button Ezro and Navi cleared the area as the ground began to shake. The rumbling continued as a portion of the beach area split in two with a sub coming up halfway in the water. “gentleman this is my creation, the Deep explorer”
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