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Doctor... Who?

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Just a poem about Doctor Who, my favorite TV show. Yay British shows! BBC rocks.

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There is a man
He calls himself mad
And he travels in a box
And he will live forever

Unless someone gives him the gift of death
The man will live without rest
It is by fate he can't die
And his past is full of lies

Guardian of Earth
The Oncoming Storm
The titles he gives
That don't say who he is

Doctor who?
Doctor who?
Doctor who?

A fierce warrior
Whom fights without violence
That wields a screwdriver
And his wife bears a gun

He loves them all so
The ones he has lost
The ones that left him
The ones that can't remember

The mad man with a box
He feels so much guilt
His life is a lie
Surely, then

A man with a past such as his
A man with a life like his
A man that has lived a thousand years in hell
A hell we call life

Surely this man has bad dreams?

There is a question that cannot be asked
For if it is answered, all will be lost
This man knows the answer
And no one else does

The Silents know this is true
They want him dead
You can't remember seeing them
Take a pic while you can

Silence will fall when the question is asked
Or is it
The Silents will fall when the question is asked
No one knows for sure

Not even the wisest man in the universe
The one that travels in blue
Knows what is coming
So keep guessing

Keep guessing, O great Lord of Time
You call yourself Doctor,
But may I ask...
Doctor Who?
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