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Hawkfrost's Plans

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A story about the Warriors characters Hawkfrost and Tigerstar, in the Dark Forest.

Category: Warriors - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2012-03-30 - Updated: 2012-03-31 - 499 words

"Father." Hawkfrost said starkly, approaching his father, Tigerstar. He was angry, he had found out that his favorite apprentice - Ivypool - was a spy. His father had let her go unharmed, and Hawkfrost thought that Tigerstar had gone weak. So, now here he was: outside his father's den, stifling a growl, claws unsheathed, ready to fight for power.
"Yes?" Tigerstar said sleepily. "What do you want?"
"You have become weak, old, and soft, father, you are unfit to lead the Dark Forest any longer. I have come to take your place..." Hawkfrost was cut short by a paw reaching from the den and knocking him over in a single, smooth swipe. Tigerstar soon loomed over his son, an amused glint in his eyes.
"You wish to fight me, boy? The most powerful cat in the forest?" He chortled. "Good luck." He let his son stand, and backed away into fighting posture.
"If anyone needs luck, it's you, old cat." Hawkfrost stood and shook his pelt, growling. He had not heard Tigerstar stand in his den, and it would cost him. Now he was dirty, and his father had not been gentle in tripping him. "I will beat you, and become leader of all cats, living or dead!"
"It was really only about you, wasn't it? Everything is always about you. I can see the lightning in your eyes, you lie to everyone you meet. Too young and stupid to be leader of anything." Tigerstar sighed, his son was too self centered. Perhaps he had trained the boy too well.
"I lie? You have lied to more cats than I've even met, in my whole life!" Hawkfrost retorted, tail whipping back and forth, teeth bared. "You lied even to the she-cat you loved. Now that is an art that cannot be taught. But love is for weaklings, emotion is a sign of weakness. You were born weak, and I feel no shame for you. I feel nothing but the lust to exceed you, you never even made it to the darkest hour of all the Clans!" Hawkfrost was furious, and lunged at his father.
Tigerstar barely had time to react - the words had stung - before he was pinned to the ground, in a death grip. He kicked his son hard in the gut, forcing him off. He held Hawkfrost down by the throat and snarled at him, "If you even try at that again, I will kill you." He pressed hard on Hawkfrost's neck before pushing him aside and entering his den.
Hawkfrost stood. His father was stronger than he had expected, this would be a challenge. "Coward!" He called before leaving, he knew better than to fight his father now, he had to train. Eventually, he would be stronger than his father, but not yet - he must be patient, his father would grow tired at some point. And if he wasn't careful, he would let his guard down, and in that second, Hawkfrost would strike.
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