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Rough Love

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"He knew he must be hurting the boy, and he also knew Gerard fucking loved it."

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“Take it all, you fucking slut.” Grunted Bert as he thrust roughly into Gerard's oh-so-pretty mouth, grasping the boy’s stringy black hair inside of his fists.
Gerard whimpered, gripping on to Bert’s skinny hips as he desperately fought back a gag. Bert groaned in pleasure as he felt Gerard’s tight throat contracting around his lengthy member.

He knew he must be hurting the boy, and he also knew Gerard fucking loved it.
Bert regretfully pulled out of pretty-boys pretty-mouth. He was almost ready to come, and as much as he’d love to come down Gerard’s throat, he’d much rather come in his tight, tight arse.

“Suck.” Bert comanded as he pushed his index and middle fingers onto Gerard’s soft, pink, pre-come smeared lips. Gerard obendiently sucked on Bert’s fingers, and Bert had to stifle a moan at the sight. He looked like a fucking pornstar. Once Bert’s fingers were nice and slicked up, he forcefully pushed Gerard down onto the come-stained bed sheets, flipping the boy onto his front. Gerard lay perfectly still, tense as a guitar string, ebony hair splayed out on the pillow, his breathing quick and heavy in anticipation of what was soon to come. Bert took a few seconds to admire Gerard’s pale naked body; his skin was so pure and unmarked, Bert found himself picturing all the ways in which he would love to change that, before roughly pushing two slipery fingers into Gerard’s ready hole.

Soft noises of pain and pleasure spilled from Gerard’s mouth as Bert twisted his fingers deep inside of him. They turned into a helpless moans of pleasure, however, as soon as Bert’s probing fingers found that special spot inside of him. Bert chuckled to himself as he pulled out of the panting boy, he absolutely loved seeing Gerard come undone like this, and he loved even more that it was him who was making Gerard come undone.

“Brace yourself.” Bert said with a smirk as he thrust into Gerard’s tight heat. His dick was already somewhat lubricated from when Gerard had given him head earlier, but not enough for it not to hurt Gerard. Bert wasn’t bothered though, he knew Gerard loved it, loved how the pain and pleasure mixed together in such an overwhelmingly good way. And it’s not like Gerard really needed much lube anyway, not when he was all spread out and ready to take what ever Bert had to offer, like the fucking slut he is.

“Oh baby, you’re so fucking tight.” Bert groaned in pleasure, setting a relentless pace as he thrust in and out of Gerard. He knew when he’d hit Gerard’s prostate when the boy began to writhe and moan underneath him, his back arching as noises that should be illegal poured from his mouth. 

“Bert, Bert… please- ple-ase just. I’m getting close.” Gerard whimpered brokenly as Bert slammed into his prostate once more, not even sure what he was asking for. He was slowly losing it. Bert decided he wanted to change position, he wanted Gerard on his back so that he could see the boys face as he came, so he could bite and mark his neck and kiss him until he was too breathless to do anything except lie there, completely at Bert’s mercy. So Bert did just that, flipping Gerard over. Gerard made a sound of protest at being empty the second that Bert pulled out, but didn’t have time to say anything before Bert’s lips roughly locked onto his own, the younger boy already beginning to thrust in and out of Gerard again. Gerard fisted his hands desperately in the shirt Bert had neglected to take off in his haste to get inside him. As Bert thrust into him violently, Gerard let out a yell, burring his face in his lovers sweaty neck.

“Bert..” Gerard groaned weakly as he finally got a hold on his throbbing member.
“C'mon baby, let go, come for me.” Bert whispered breathlessly, not sure much longer he could hold on for, but desperate to make Gerard come before him.

So Gerard did, his hand sliding up and down his dick in time with Bert's thrusts before he was coming so hard he could barely remember his own name. Bert kept pounding into Gerard brutally all the way through Gerard's orgasm, until he himself was coming from the clenching feel of Gerard's muscles around him.

The two men lay there for a minute, too exhausted to even move. Finally Bert raised himself off Gerard, and reluctantly pulled out. Gerard whimpered quietly at the empty feeling, making Bert smile before lying down next to the boy, putting an arm around his shoulders and pulling him close.

“Love you Gee.” He whispered, kissing Gerard's forehead.

“I love you too Bert.” Gerard whispered back, wrapping his arms tightly around Bert's middle.
And so, as they fell asleep together, Bert took back his place as Gerard's gentle, caring boyfriend. Until next time that is.
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