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Chapter Twelve

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The next day....

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Tired of sitting in the back of a limo the members of Led Zeppelin agreed to ride to to their interview in Roberts car. The whole band had piled into the back and Jenny sat in the passenger seat. She had noticed how tense Robert was all morning, "Are you alright, Robbie?" She asked as she ran her fingers through his golden curls. He shied away a little, "Yeah I'm fine Jenny." He sighed gruffly. The truth was that he wasn't okay. The whole no sex thing was beginning to get the better of him. Soon they were on the road. "Rob!" Bonzo had yelled, "Why ya so quiet, mate?" Robert faked a smile, "Just sleepy." He replied softly. Jenny knew what it was but kept quiet. Suddenly she leaned over and unbottoned Roberts pants. "What are you doing?" Robert asked as he quickly looked down and then back up at the road. "Oh my god." Jonesy said with fear in his voice, "She's gonna blow him off in the car!" "Jenny!" Robert moaned as he took one hand off the wheel and tapped her shoulder, "You can't do this now!"
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