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Chapter Fourteen

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Now what?....

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Jimmy and Bonzo got out of the car and tried to calm Jonesy down. Jenny's smile faded, "What?" She asked innocently. "Jennine! You can't go about doing things like that while I'm bloody driving!" He yelled. He never yelled or called her by her real name- no matter how much she pissed him off. "But you-" She started. "No!" He yelled, "No buts! We could've gotten hurt. Or died! Now why would you do something like that?" She looked him right in the eye, "You looked tense." She replied feeling rather small. "That's because I was tense Jennine." He sighed as he rubbed his temples. "Are you tense now?" She asked. He thought about it for a minute. Despite crashing his car he wasn't, "No." He said dumbly. "So I helped you?" She asked with a hopeful smile. "Yeah. You did." He replied "So the proper thing to say would be..." She said leaning closer to him. "Thank you." He whispered. "You're very welcome." She said. " My baby." He sighed, "What would I do without you?" "Drive to a fucking interview safely!" Jimmy yelled
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