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Co-lab between KelseyChem and ImJustFine. Curious?

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A short introduction

This, lovely people out there, is a series of poems which together will create a story. To get you in on the concept, some things will have to be explained.

We will be taking turns in writing poems, KelseyChem is going to write the first one and ImJustFine will read it carefully, think about it, read it again and then rip it to pieces and study every little metaphor, every single plot-twist, and then sit down to write a replying poem. And when she has done that, KelseyChem shall do the same thing to ImJustFine's poem, and so on. Hopefully, the outcome will be a colorful and nuanced tale performed through poetry.

But dears, there is no plot. Yet. And that is why this becomes so exciting! Reviews on your thoughts and opinions are very welcome, since how a poem is interpreted is very much depending the reader :)

We do of course gladly receive questions and can be reached at:

Sincerely, ImJustFine & KelseyChem
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