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My first Frerard! Frank lies to his bandmates so that he and Gerard can share some quality time together...

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Frank woke from his nap abruptly with a knock on the door of his bunk. Ray poked his head around the doorway:
“Hey buddy, how're you doing?”
Frank groaned.
“My head... My head is pounding. And my guts feel like they don't want to be inside me any more”
“Same as before then...” Ray sighed “I'll get Gee to bring you some meds” he disappeared, leaving Frank to roll onto his side and snuggle up in the big comfy duvet.'you really are a terrible liar' he told himself, because really he felt fine. He giggled to himself as Gerard came nervously into the cramped room holding 2 pills and a glass of water.
“How you feeling?” he leant over to inspect his patient. Frank had a straight view of Gerard's crotch which made him want to reach out and touch it. Gerard saw him staring and sunk down to the floor suspiciously. “you feeling better?” he asked sweetly, stroking Frank's hair out of his eyes.

“Actually, I’ve been feeling fine all day” Frank admitted.
“oh. Then why did you say...?”
“I don't feel like going out tonight”
“Why didn't you just say?” Gerard snorted “We wouldn’t have minded, its not like we're not understanding or anything” he stood up and faced the window, leaving Frank with a clear view of his butt. Gerard took a gulp of water from Frank's glass.
“I know, I'm sure Ray would’ve understood if I had told him I wanted to stay behind and fuck you up the butt all night”
Gerard spat his water all over Frank. Frank smirked and after a moment of choking, an evil grin spread across Gerard's face.

Frank giggled again, reaching out a hand to stroke Gerard's crotch. But Gerard caught his hand before it could touch him.
“Nuh-uh! Not now you idiot!” Gerard dropped down onto his knees, smiling at Frank's stupidity, and kissed him lightly on the lips, his eyes aglow. The door burst open and they both jumped out of their skins. Mikey stood awkwardly in the door, looking like the idea of being in the same room as a sick person was really too much for him. At first Gerard thought Mikey had seen the kiss but sighed in relief as it became apparent he hadn’t
“Are you gonna be ready in 5 minutes, Gee?”
“Actually I'm not coming, I don't think we should leave Frankie alone” Gerard said convincingly with fake concern.
“Oh, are you sure?”
“Yeah, I’ll stay and look after him, you and Ray have a good time”
Across the room where Mikey couldn't see, Frank had the biggest evil smirk on his face.
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