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Chapter Sixteen

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At the E.R.

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At the six of them sat in the E.R. waiting to be called they ignored people whispering and pointing at them, "When do you think we should tell Peter that we're here?" Jonesy asked as he rubbed his shoulders. "We're not gonna tell him. We'll just get patched up and leave." Jimmy said with a sigh. "But don't you think he'll find out that we never went to the interview?" Robert asked as he rested his head on Jenny's shoulder. "He won't find out." Jimmy replied firmly. "Okay." Robert said sounding rather unsure. An old nurse came from the back, "You five," she barked, "Follow me." They stood up and followed her through the corridors and into a large room. "Why are you all here today?" She asked as she pulled out a pen and pad. "Car accident." Bonzo said as he cut his eye at Robert. "Who's hurt?" She asked as she scribbled something down. "All of us." Jonesy replied. "You, Mr. Page take your shirt off." She said. "Why?" Jimmy asked. "So I can bloody examine you!" She yelled. "Alright, alright!" He cried.
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