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Episode Three

by Poetrylalala 1 review

Written by KelseyChem

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Promises, promises,
Such a funny little word....
Thick and dense as concrete,
Smaller than a bird.

Mama told me many,
"I'll be here for you"
Later did I learn that it
Sure as hell wasn't true.

Many don't comprehend,
It's not a safety net.
Thinking someone makes a promise,
Means there's no need to fret !

Of course they'll always love you,
How could they EVER leave ?
But all alone there in the dust,
What a sigh you did heave !

I warned you though, did I not ?
Now in your soul, a promise rots,
Believed them all, every lie,
And who was wiser, you or I ?
Don't act like it's a big surprise,
Sit and moan, or roll your eyes,
But listen to me, loud and clear,
Promises are false my dear.
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