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Poisson D'Avril

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When Lindsey was away, Frank came out to play.

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A/N: Just a random snippet.

Poisson D'Avril

Those closest to Frank Iero would say his strange behavior started on a Friday, when they were having a dinner at a sushi restaurant in Los Angeles.

"Pass the wasabi." he had remarked plainly, and there seemed to be not much to it. Yet when Gerard, who was sitting next to him handed the wasabi over, Frank seemed more determined to grab Gerard's hand than the wasabi container.

"You look very handsome today, Gerard." Frank remarked, a sly grin spreading over his face.

The strange comment caught the attention of everyone at the table, which included generally all persons of My Chemical Romance and their wives, minus Lindsey, who was on tour with her own band.

"Um... thank you." Gerard smiled awkwardly in return, at first taken aback. "You look pretty sweet yourself."

Frank nodded his acknowledgement of the compliment, and said little to nothing else to Gerard for the rest of the night. Gerard's attention, however, was caught. He continued to make side glances in Frank's direction until he noticed Jamia giving him an uncomfortable glance in return.

That same night, Frank would settle down into bed while finishing a conversation with Jamia.

"Are we still going to the Jerry Seinfeld show next Saturday?" she asked him in passing as she laid herself by his side.

"Yeah, I forgot to ask Gerard if he had gotten his ticket already." Frank replied to her.

"Gerard? Since when was he coming?" Jamia blinked.

"Oh, I invited him to come a couple of days ago." Frank seemed to wave the news off, rolling over on his side. "Goodnight, I love you." he mumbled, adding a finality to the statement. He needed some rest after all -- he would be seeing Gerard again the next day.

Frank's sudden interest in Gerard continued for the rest of the weekend, resuming when he greeted Gerard with a wink upon first entering their recording studio. Once the initial shock had worn off however, Gerard seemed to reciprocate the attention. His brother Mikey and bandmate Ray were particularly concerned then, because not only had it been such a long time since Gerard and Frank had flirted, but it was the fact that they were doing it so openly.

On Saturday evening, they found themselves in the same situation once again. They had all gathered for a dinner at a nice restaurant, which was perfectly pleasant until they got onto the subject of recording progress.

"Gerard did really great on the tracks today." Frank piped up in between shoveling mounds of food into his mouth. "His singing was just fucking spectacular."

Gerard felt himself blush, his mind frantically searching for a counter compliment. "Yeah, well I wouldn't have been able to sing like that if you didn't write such fantastic lyrics for us."

"Don't bother with that." Frank waved his hand in the air. "It was all you today. You're my star, babe."

At this point no one else was talking, all the tables occupants focused on this odd and random conversation.

"Awww, you're so sweet Frankie." Gerard laughed uneasily, knowing of all the eyes that were focused on them. Frank smiled at him, and a tattooed hand came up and brushed a strand of hair behind Gerard's ear.

"You're much sweeter..." he said, his smile turning sly again. Gerard was then distracted the sound of Mikey clearing his throat, a sound that obviously meant, "STOP".

But Frank did not stop, and in fact, proceeded to kiss Gerard on the cheek softly. Gerard giggled before he could stop himself.

"I think we should be getting back." Jamia then said curtly. "The kids shouldn't be left with the sitter for too long."

Frank's smile faltered for a moment before he snapped his attention back to Gerard, readjusting his expression. "She's right. How about we have a session in the studio tomorrow night, just you and me? I believe track number... six needs some working on. Seven o clock ? "

Gerard felt a foot quite blatantly kick into his ankle, and he knew it was Mikey's. But he ignored his brother's scolding.

"S - Sure." Gerard nodded, leaning in to hug Frank goodbye. As Frank pulled away, Gerard thought he caught another wink. Unknowingly, his face went red again.

The next night, Gerard went over to the recording studio somewhat early. He sat at the studio laptop, eager to use it, since the internet at his house had been out for the past week. He settled in a chair and was finally able to go through emails and send proper replies, something his iPhone didn't allow much room for.

Seven o clock came and went, but Frank did not show up. By the time it hit eight, Gerard found himself calling Frank's phone, but yielding no results.

Finally, Gerard found an email that Frank had sent him earlier that week. It seemed to have been hidden in the crowd of his other unread emails. He clicked on it and read.


Jamia's April Fools joke for this year:

Frerard is real lol

I trust you'll play along as always.


Gerard looked at the date, and saw the number 1 in between the 4 and the 2012. He sighed, grabbed the chocolate and champagne he had brought, shut off the laptop, and went home.

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