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Chapter Four: Camp Part 2

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This chapter will be extremely intense. It will not be for the faint of heart or mind.

Chapter 5: Camp Part 2

Mark yelled loudly as he was dragged roughly by the hair all the way back to camp. He hated seeing Stride hurt, he didn't fear for himself, (he could care less) no instead all of his worry was directed at Stride. He did this to her, he had caused her pain. Hell he was probably going to get her killed. Her kind was misunderstood and all they were trying to do was survive themselves and now he was going to get her killed.

He deserved her hate not her love. He was talked to by Marvin a little but ignored him, too lost in his own misery to pay him much mind. Finally the long haul back came to an end and Marvin tossed him roughly into the middle of the floor. Only then did he look up. The entire staff was there as well as a few kids. Great just great, everyone who was ever mean to him in one place. Joy. He sat up and rubbed his head trying to get some of the feeling back in his scalp. Marvin wasn't gentle at all.

"Everyone I just found this, asshole with the enemy. He was with them and (shudders at this point) kisses them. We all know the rule that the higher ups have made saying that anyone who fucks an alien or is in the process of it, will be put to death for their sick tastes. If you are going to fuck something make sure its human or a robot is even okay just not…" (He can't go on, he is to disgusted)

The councilors talked for a while among themselves and Mark saw their faces and did not like the look of some of them. Finally after a long moment of bitter looks from Marvin, they seemed to have reached a consensus. "Marvin thanks for bringing this disgusting pig to us. Mark we have reached a decision that will help save your pathetic self from death. Would you like to hear it?"

No answer from Mark but the councilor seemed to take this as agreement then bitter hatred. "We agree that what you did is inexcusable and if you are willing to turn your back on your own kind then we give you a chance to make the right choice. Will you take it?" Mark glared at the councilor hoping he would fall down or explode.

"You have committed the ultimate sin of sex or thinking of sex with an inhuman freak that preys on us all. The fact that you don't know what that thing is capable of makes it even worse. So here is what I propose you do. You will hunt it and kill it. You will then tie any sick perverted thoughts that you may have and bring the creatures head hear and we will burn it."

Mark refused to go anywhere. His secret was out he might as well just refuse.

Won't walk the Earth a specter

Won't hold my tongue from lashing out

This is my writ of honor

The councilor gave a menacing grin and made a motion with his hands and in the next moment something heart stopping happened.

Drawn by the blood that I have shed

The beasts will soon assemble

Their hearts don't beat desire

They pump violence and poison

Stride was bought into the middle and tossed hog-tied with her sharp tail tied down. Mark was restrained when he attempted to go up to her. "I gave you a chance to mercy kill but now you leave us no choice. Hugh bring the ax."

Mark struggled harder than ever to get to Stride, who oddly wasn't freaking out. She knew her hormones would get her into trouble one day but she knew it wasn't the fault of the human that she had come to love that she was going to die. She lifted her head high catching his tear stained face.

One of the humans went inside to get the implement of death that she knew would end her life. She had to speak fast. Something was coming to her, something big and it concerned this human. She finally knew what everyone said by meeting this human. She was meant to die to bring life to the human.

Mark felt a presence against his mind and suddenly knew that he could 'hear' Stride.

Little human who calls himself Mark listen to what I have to say. Thanks for being kind to a lost soul (the person comes back carrying the implement. He walks slow) what you don't know is soon to come to pass. Thorough loss comes redemption; hopelessness will lead to an ally. Through all this you have to stick with your ally. Even when it hurts. A terrible evil is coming one that will test your strength and perseverance in hopeless causes. You will have to ally yourself with everything you hold dear. Prejudice is your only enemy in the war.

I will always love you (the human reached her and held the ax up high. Mark struggled harder against the arms holding him but it was no use) Stop your struggling; I do not blame you for this. It is mine for allowing my hormones to get you into trouble. Farewell hatchling.

Mark screamed as the ax swung down cutting clean into her neck. Her head dropped to the ground spraying acid blood everywhere. This missed the humans and mark completely. He sunk to his knees and this time they let him fall. He sunk into the feeble position crying still reeling over what he had heard. He had been called a hatchling. He didn't know if that was a good thing or not but it sounded like a term of endearment.

Flesh opens up, bloods retreating

Flesh opens up, bloods retreating

Death's embracing, all is ending

Death's embracing, all is ending

He was a wreck losing the only thing that he cared about. His heart felt like it was stabbed with ice and he wondered if he would ever meet someone like Stride. He felt several kicks and some even spit on him but he didn't feel it. Didn't hear the curses as they were thrown in his direction. He wanted death but when he just sat there and took it, he knew that they wouldn't kill him. Death was supposed to be a punishment not a mercy.

He felt himself hauled roughly to his feet and he stared at everyone with absolute hatred.

"For your crimes against humanity by deeming it more important to fuck beasts, you will be sent to space. To one of the fucker's hive to be killed or fucked I will let you decide. Earth does not hold any place for people who consort to bestiality to get there sex on. Stick with human women, robots and your hand. Get this fucker away from me." This last bit was sent to those around the area. Well at least he would leave camp.

He stared at Stride's body as he was led past and his heart broke for the 4th time over. Would he love again? What was to be his fate in space?

Time will not heal all of your pain

I cannot wait for it all to come crashing


(Present Day)

Mark finished his tale with tears in his eyes. Stalker was stunned but in more ways than none. He had loved a sister. She was heartbroken that such a rare breed was dead but he had loved a sister. There was still hope. She felt like such a prude for feeling that there was a chance. She wrapped her tail around him gently and squeezed lightly. He smiled and that sent something deep, deep inside her roaring for sex but now was not the time.

But these feelings were more important than her sex drive. And for a human at that. It was unheard of for her kind. She would have to ask someone for help.

Suddenly with dawning horror she saw something that shocked her shitless. A queen falling on top of an android (she knew it was an android because of the shared memories of all around the queen) with a bomb that was capable of destroying everything around them. A human was there. A human! With her kind! She knew this was not part of her hive the Zen but still if a human was there maybe she could ask her (it was definitely female) for help.

Making a bold decision right then and there to get help with her lust towards Mark. The big problem is how to get there without Mark or if it was with Mark how to 'block' him from her mind for that long.

Sorry about the intense tragedy Anyway in case you don't know the 'premonition' that Stalker has is part of the Guardian fanfic. And the slight reference is to the Dragonriders of Pern series particular when a dragon dies they all feel it. Anyway this is nowhere near done. But I am starting to run out of ideas to keep it as fresh an original.

I still feel there is more to tell with this story. Have you ever felt like this. Either in a review or pm please tell me of your ideas. Glad so many people like this. Song is Shogun by Trivium. Much as I would like the publicity I don't own it. So get that out of your head :D
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