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Friends and Chocolate

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Cloud can't place the flavor he tastes inside of Zack's mouth, so he decides to investigate. Yaoi. Zack/Cloud

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Disclaimer: Characters are not mine.

Warning: Yaoi


Cloud sat on his bunk dejectedly cleaning his sword. Life was just great. Yeah, sure, just keep telling yourself that. He thought to himself.
Actually, life sucked. SO far, he hadn't made the cut for SOLDIER and felt completely embarrassed; how was he ever supposed to let Tifa know he couldn't become a SOLDIER like he told her he would?

He flopped back onto the bed and stared at the bunk above him. "What's with the grumpy face, Spikey?" A voice called out from the doorway.

Cloud rolled over and grabbed his pillow, burying his face in it. "Mhm hmm mhhmm hmmh."

The bed dipped as the other person sat down. "Sorry dude, I didn't really catch that. Come again?"

Cloud pulled the pillow from his face and smacked Zack in the face with it. "I said, you already know! Why are you rubbing it in?"

Zack scowled. He took the pillow and set it down beside Cloud, who was still glaring at him fiercely. "Jeez man, calm down. I'm not rubbing it in. I stopped by to see how you were. Is that such a crime?"

Cloud muttered something undecipherable and put his arms behind his head. He glanced at Zack's face and then looked away defiantly. "No, but," He ran a hand across his eyes and continued in a strained voice. "I don't really want to see you right now ok?"

Zack got up off of the bed and leaned against the wall and titled his head back. "Cloud, there are always more times to take the exam for SOLDIER. Now everyone makes on their first try."

Cloud sat up and shouted. "But you did! It's not fair, why do these things always happen to me? I feel pathetic."

Zack laughed and pushed a stray hair off of his flawless face and gazed at Cloud. "But Spikey, you are pathetic, didn't you know?!"

Cloud felt his own lips twitch into a slight smirk. He got up off the bed and tried to tackle Zack, but unfortunately the SOLDIER used his enhanced strength to turn and pin Cloud to the wall. "Pinned ya Spikey." Zack purred into Cloud's ear smugly.

Cloud rolled his eyes at the nickname; ever since it was born it was quite obvious that the name wasn't about to die anytime soon. It was a well liked and completely overused pet name. "We'll see about that." He growled and slid down the wall.

He slammed his arm against the back of the taller boy's knees and Zack gave a cry of surprise as his knees gave out. He collapsed on top of Cloud and began to laugh again. "Damn you, what is so funny?" Cloud snapped agitatedly.

Zack pulled himself off of Cloud and glanced down at the blonde. "What's funny? You of course."

Cloud frowned and muttered. "I don't know what's so funny about me."

Zack sat against the wall and beckoned Cloud to move closer. Cloud raised and eyebrow and scooted closer. "You know Cloud; I did have something to give to you. It's kind of gone now though."

Cloud looked at his SOLDIER friend curiously and asked, "What kind of gift? Why the hell is it gone? Gifts don't walk away you know."

Zack pulled Cloud closer still and whispered huskily into his friend's ear. "This one did."

With that Zack grabbed Cloud's face in both hands gently and brushed his lips gently against his friend's as if asking permission. When Cloud offered not resistance, Zack returned to Cloud's mouth and deepened the kiss, tracing Cloud's lips with his tongue artfully.

Cloud gasped in shock; kissing wasn't a habit he and Zack practiced. Also, such fraternization between SOLDIER's and troopers was forbidden. A court martial could be issued if they were ever found committing such an act. Apparently Zack didn't really care. He pulled Cloud onto his lap and Cloud wrapped his arms around Zack's neck, feeling the undeniable hardness in Zack's lap pressing against him.

Cloud blushed and allowed his tongue to come out and play with Zack's. Zack groaned and ran his hands down Cloud's chest, his fingers flicking Cloud's erect nipples. Cloud purred in pleasure and noted the smooth taste that lingered in Zack's mouth.

"Like that don't you Spikey?" Zack growled into Cloud's mouth, softly pulling on the smaller boy's lower lip.

The sound of Zack's voice pulled Cloud from his daze. He frowned and pushed Zack away and stood up. He turned his back to Zack and looked everywhere but at the other boy. He heard Zack grin and stand up. An arm wrapped around Cloud and his eyes locked the Mako enhanced ones that where smiling at him. "Cloud," Zack said soothingly, "We're friends right?"

Cloud nodded, still looking into Zack's eyes, a soft blush resting on his cheeks. Zack laughed in delight. "Then you won't mind if I do this."

Cloud scowled and started to ask what Zack intended to do when the other boy kissed him again! Cloud once again got a taste of the delicious flavor that lingered in Zack's mouth. After kissing, touching, and rubbing for a few minutes, Cloud began to push Zack away from him.

Zack pulled away from the kiss, Cloud frowned and licked his lips. "You taste like-" He started to say when Zack finished for him.

"Chocolate?" He stated, smiling gently.

Cloud nodded, touching his lips with his fingertips. "Yeah, that's it. Why?"

Zack smirked mischievously. "Well, since I knew you would be down I kind of bought you a box of chocolate. But then I became hungry and ate the whole thing. Except for one piece." He held up the lone piece of chocolate. "But since you hit me with a pillow I changed my mind. I guess there aren't any chocolates left. Sorry Spikey."

With that said and done, Zack popped the last piece of chocolate into his mouth and ran off.

Cloud sat there staring after his friend in shock and decided that the chocolate flavor in his mouth was absolutely delicious. "Wait," Cloud called after his retreating friend. "You ATE MY GIFT? Get back here you bastard!"

So, what do you think? Retarded enough for everyone? XD
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