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Detonator Darling sends his love.

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gathering all the pieces and little surprise.

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First thing we saw when we arrived to our base was Dr. D. infuriated face. Seriously, that dude could look scary.

“Ugh. Daddy is pissed” I mumbled to myself and Poison laughed a little, before Dr. D. sent him a glare of death. I thought that kind of look was impossible through sunglasses, but damn, how wrong was I!


“Hello, how you doing? We almost died, but thanks!” I whispered and Jet Star punched me in the ribs, though I saw him smiling.

We got out of the car and walked to him, with our heads down, like little children who did something wrong and anticipated their parent to yell at them.

“Are you still so sure about that they are our last chance thing?” asked Pony as he approached to us on his skates.

“Ugh, shut up” Dr. D. responded to him, visibly tired of fighting with him.

“Well, they look like total retards to me” he continued. “I mean, tell them that zone 1 is hyper dangerous and that they have to take ultra care of themselves and what they do? Oh, lemme think. ALARM ALL THE KORSE’S FORCES. Awesome fucking idea. Congratulations. I mean, none of us is THAT talented. And you know, now the city is fucking blocked and zones from 1 to 4 will be controlled twice as often as they are now.”

“Pony – out of my sight” said Dr. D. with a stern voice. Boy just shrugged his shoulders and walked away. D. continued as he disappeared “he’s bitching around, because his first mission – after training – was ten times worse than your trip” he explained. “Are you all Ok.?”

“Jet Star got shot on his shoulder, but I think he’s ok” I said looking at him and he nodded.

“Alright. Tell me exactly what happened.”

So I did. After I finished Dr. D. sighed. “You’re very lucky. Mostly because you were near the tunnel so had a chance to quickly escape. Draculoids are usually clumsy shit, but when there is more of them, it’s ain’t no funny anymore.”


“I don’t know what to think” I confessed as we got to our room. “Call me childish, but I want to go home wherever it is and whatever it means.”

It was supposed to sound silly and childish and make them smile, but I realized that we all really wanted it.

“Well… We are in the situation we didn’t ask for and there is no turning back. We have no choice” stated Jet Star. “The questions is what we are going to do with that.”

“The questions is why they call us special” said Kobra suddenly. We turned our heads to him, no fully understanding what he meant. “Why they consider us like a chance to win this. Why they think we can be better than the others. Our trip showed that we really suck at this type of things.”

“Poison sucks at being undercover” I laughed. “It wasn’t that bad. We’re still alive.”

“Okay. Now imagine going there again to stop this entire procedure” said Kobra rolling his eyes.

“I don’t know. maybe it has something to do with what we were” I started to wonder. “But they can’t know this. Or do they?”

“If all of Dr. D’s words are true, they don’t” stated simply Poison. He wanted to continue, but in that second Pony appeared in the door.

“Food, maps, documents and shitloads of other materials” he said throwing another suitcase at us. “I seriously feel like housekeeper here. I need some action!” He seemed to be reather jolly and excited, not pissed like an hour before.

“What do you mean?”

“Oh, because of your appearance we had slow down a little. You know, to teach you things. It happens every time we have someone new. Which is exactly second time by now.”

“What do you normally do?” I asked curiously.

“Well, it’s all in the materials I brought” he answered biting his lip. However he decided to continue “But in short: Korse is in power due to his drug and draculoids. If not them he would achieve nothing. Drugs are produced in special factory, hidden underneath the Battery City. The factory is powered by uranium. What huge reactor is located near the factory and it gives it half of the energy. Others, smaller ones are scattered on the desert, hidden under the surface. Every time we destroy one, the production of drugs decreases.”

“I’m sure that if we get down the main reactor the production would stop anyway” interrupted Jet Star.

“True. Problem is that we need a special key to get there. We don’t have it. Even Korse doesn’t have it.”

Okay, that was really confusing.

“So what’s the point?”

“In every smaller reactor is a little fragment of the key. It’s extremely dangerous to get them, but we have already 4 pieces. We’re lacking another 6.”

“So if we collect them all we have a chance to shut the factory.”

“It’s not that easy. The key is metaphorical. You see, it’s like contrsucting a software to make a device work. The device is in Korse’s hands. That’s the main problem” he said.

“In short – we’re fucked” stated Poison.

“Well, not really. You see, apart from the drug, his main power is the army of draculoids. But the fact is, they are normal… well, drugged, but normal people, who have chips implanted in their heads to stimulate ther brians. It’s pretty nasty stuff. Anyway, the signal comes from Korse’s main base which is also powered by those reactors. It’s his weak point.”

We nodded. Now it made much more sense than before.



“What did you say we are special?”

“Special needs” he answered and laughed.

“Uh-uh. Thanks.”

“Well, it’s about being antagonist to Korse’s actions. He wants everyone to be identical. And you’re individuals. You’re arty” he answered.



“What do you mean?”

“You have to ask D. one day.”

“Uh… Do you remember something about yourself? I mean… from the previous live.”

“Uhm, no… Not really. Only that my name was Ricky. It doesn’t matter, you know. Now I can be anyone I want.”

And with that he left.


As the day progressed, all of us found something to do on our own. Yes, we still desired to get to know each other, the feeling of bond between us was undeniable, but for last couple of days we lived in each other pockets and truth was, we had enough.

Pony finally bandaged Jet Star’s wound and in spite of his protests, gave him some pill “to relax”. For last hour he was lying in his bunk completely knocked out, snoring loudly.
Kobra, on the other hand, started to read the materials Pony brought us. I wandered a lottle around the building, found some trunks with awesome costumes in it, lots of paint and other stuff I had no idea what to do with.

It was quite dusty inside, so I decided to walk out to take a breath of friesh air. I found my read haired friend sitting on the porch.

„Oh, hai! Here you are” I said smiling.

Poison looked up at me and smiled back.

„Sunset looks kinda cool on the desert” he said. „Really colourful.”

„Yeah” I answered. Only a bit awkwardly. I sat next to him and looked the same direction he did. „Pony bandaged Jet Star’s shoulder. He gave him some pill and he literally passed out in a second. Kobra is digging those magazines he bought” I informed him and he nodded.

„Am I disturbing you?” I asked after a moment of silence.

„No, no. Sorry. I was just thinking.”


„All of this” he said shrugging. „It’s kinda overwhelming.”

„I know. Wanna talk about it?”

„Uhm… I know Kobra is my brother and all… I feel bonded to him in some way. But I know nothing about him. Neither about you. It makes me feel… Guilty? I mean, what kind of friend I am…?”
I fell silent for a momemnt, thinking of what to say.

„Uhm, sorry… I shouldn’t have…”

„No, it’s okay. Listen, don’t bother yourself with this. I mean, you probably don’t remember much, if anything, about yourself. Why should you know more about others?”

„I don’t know. I feel empty.”

„I know that feeling, you know” I said smiling. „I’m sure we will get to know each other again. And hopefully we will make friends again.”

„I’d be honoured to be your friend, Fun Ghoul.”

I laughed. „Ow. Cliche!...”

„Yeah. But you’re an awesome guy, so… yeah. You saved my life.”

„That was a right thing to do.”

„That makes you awesome. And you’re really funny. And trustworthy.”

„Wow” I mumbled. „So are you, you know.”

A tad awkward silence fell between us after that – we really didn’t know what to say. For a brief moment we sat turned to each other, smiling shyly. Soon after Poison looked back at the sunset, admiring it, but the smirk curving his lips didn’t disappear. Unintetionally I kept my eyes laid on him. I couldn’t explain it, but he made me feel warm inside.

„Hey, can you see it?” he asked suddenly.


“There, on the horizon. Is it a car?”

I narrowed my eyes to see better the little spot Poison was pointing at. It was becoming bigger and bigger and undoubtedly it was a car.

“We should inform someone” I said and stood up.

I walked into the building and almost instantly bumped into Show Pony. I told him about what we saw and he beamed.

“Finally. Go get Kobra and try to wake up Jet Star” he said and dashed off upstairs.
“Ugh. Wish me luck with that one” I murmured to myself.

Ten minutes later we gathered on the porch. In front of the building was black jeep with white scorpion on its bonnet. It looked really cool, I must admit. We looked at it curiously, because in fact, since we woke up from that drug induced coma we were in, we haven’t met anyone besides Ricky and D. Oh, and some dracs that tried to kill us, but I don’t think I could count them in.

We only heard muffled conversation and some single words which didn’t make sense to us. I felt a bundle of nerves in my lower stomach, I anticipated something not exactly great.

Minutes later Pony appeared on the stairs, run down and told us to follow him outside. It was almost twilight, however we still could see features of our faces and thankfully it wasn’t that unbearably hot anymore.

“Who are that guys?” I asked.

“A team who is creating a map of the factory” Pony answered.

“Ahhh… Ok. And they are here because…?”

“Someone has to train you!” he exclaimed happily.

Oh. OH. Of course, we knew that this day would come, but had no idea that this quickly. Everything was very intense, I mean, in only few days since we are here, we already managed to almost get killed. What else could happen now?

Moments later Dr. D. came to us on his hyper cool motorized wheel chair and soon after we noticed two people following him. It was really tall and lanky man, probably a bit older than us and a bit shorter woman with pink hair, tied up in a pony tail.

„Hey” they greeted us. We nodded and said the same.

„As you probably already realized” D. started „having a car or guns is not really going to help you while fighting against BLI. Though I’m not going to deny, these things are important. And you’re going to be taught how to use your weapons. But you can’t only rely on them. You have to know how to fight.”

„Actually” interrupted the woman. „You need to know how to hide.” She said and I looked at Poison cocking my eyebrow. He just bit his lip in embarassment.

„There is simply too many dracs to exterminate them all” she continued. „And there is no point in that, since in reality they are people just like us. But sometimes you don’t have other option. It’s you or them.”

Dr. D. nodded in agreement.

„But before we start, my name is Neon Vixen and this is Detonator Darlin” she said pointing at the man next to her. „For now we need a volunteer to see in what shape you are.”
We fell silent until Jet Star pushed me forward a bit. I mumbled „thanks man” to im and walked to the pair in anticipation.

„Defend yourself” said Detonator Darlin and I already knew that was going to be oh so awesome.

He beat absolute shit out of me. It lasted no more than 10 seconds and I swear I was about to cry and beg him to stop. I didn’t understood – that kind of fighting needed years of practice and from what I knew they were doing it for no longer than a year.

„Stop this!” I heard Poison screaming and seconds after I felt him kneeling next to me. „Are you trying to fucking kill him?”

„Of course not. We are trying to show you how much you need to learn.”

„Oh, thank you very much” I mumbled and coughed with blood, what made my ribcage hurt even more.

„Shut up, you’re hurting yourself” Poison said angrily, but started tu rub my back. I didn’t say anything. In fact, I actually liked his touch on me.

I felt pathetic.

„Can you move?” he asked.


I tried to sit up on my own, but everything hurt me so much that in the end I really needed his support.

Moment later Show Pony appeared with ice and towel to wipe blood from my face.

„Ok, so now as you know how much you such we can go on with our training.”

I looked at Poison and cocked my eyebrow. Ugh, that was going to be amazing couple of days.
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