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Accidents aren't always a bad thing. Short MIKILLIE one-shot. Read, review, rate and feel my love! :P

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The first time I saw him, my big brother’s best friend, it was an accident. I swear it was. It could have just as easily been on purpose, what with the amount of spine-tingling pleasure it gave me, but it was honestly an accident. Just like the way I couldn’t take my eyes off of the older boy, a young man really, nor keep my mind from the fact that he was in nothing but one of Mom’s white towels with hot water still dripping down his bare chest.

The first day I saw Billie Joe Armstrong, the most awe-striking guitarist and singer I’ve ever seen or heard, was a complete accident. He’d been sleeping over with Gerard, the two of them working on the lyrics that they love to write in their spare time, and I was doing my best to stay out of their way, just as Gee had wanted. Of course Gerard never said that I couldn’t bunk in with them or sit around the table with them at breakfast, but let’s face it, who wants their dorky fifteen-year-old brother constantly shadowing them? Especially when you’re trying to show off to an older friend. But back to the point; Billie had gone for a shower, neither of the older boys telling me, and I practically collided with him on the upstairs landing in my hurry to hide away in my room from the very guy that I just couldn’t tear my eyes from.

I think he must have been as shocked to see me as I was him, after all I’m known as something of a recluse amongst Gerard’s friends. Especially amongst the ones older than me like Ray and Bob who both match my brother’s eighteen years. Billie’s twenty, so how the hell am I meant to react to that, to someone so far superior to me?

I just gawped at him. At his wide eyes, green and free like a forest but with the same energy in them as a never-ending furnace fire. At his tousled black hair, topping his head like a black toddler scribble on a piece of pure white paper. At his slightly parted lips forming a perfect “O” shape at seeing someone other than Gerard. At his bare chest, like a blank canvas waiting to be filled with someone clinging onto it. It was, as mentioned earlier, an accident, the way I kept gawking at him.

Whether his gawking back was an accident or not, I’ll never know. Just that he did gawk back, looking me up and down, lingering on my too-tight skinny jeans, with a sly smirk slowly forming on his lips. It certainly wasn’t an accident when he started speaking to me, telling me that I don’t have to be frightened of him; that he isn’t like the kids at school who Gerard constantly comes home to find me incapacitated by. He told me Gee informed him of the bullying, that he’d found Gerard crying so he asked what was wrong and Gerard had replied with me. Said that he was worried about me, about weak little Mikey Way who can’t take a few punches and no friends. Billie told me that he’s not like them and that I shouldn’t believe what they say to me.

He said that he’s my friend. That wasn’t an accident; he meant it. And that, for some stupid reason, set me off crying which, in turn, made Billie hold me to the soft skin of his chest, stroking my back with the same amount of expertise he does with his guitar. At the sound of my crying Gerard ran straight up the stairs and to us, peeling me off of Billie and fixing the eldest with a strange look. A look that most definitely wasn’t an accident.

Just like when I texted him it for the first time, that wasn’t an accident either.

It was the day after my first encounter with the punk-kid, a day after a night’s worth of dreams about mossy eyes and charcoal hair where nightmares about my tormentors would have once been. Gerard gave me his number, telling me that Billie wanted me to text him if I wanted to talk about anything.

That was when Gee warned me; don’t get involved with Billie, he’s too old for you.

I laughed and told him that I barely knew the guy’s name, let alone was in love with him. But that was a lie; I was in love with him. By accident, of course. I was falling hard and fast for my big brother’s best friend. A best friend who could end up in jail for kissing me because he’s twenty and I’m fifteen, an adult and a stupid little kid. Gerard just nodded and ruffled my hair in that special way that reminds me I’m not alone, that I have my big brother and always will do.

Onto the text though, it wasn’t until the evening that I caved in and whipped out my cell. It was a Sunday and, as usual, I was wondering how many bruises I would come home with the following day, whether or not I’d be able to hide them from my big brother. I could say it was an accident, that my anxiety about school mixed with the way that hugging Billie had sent my mind spinning made me do it, but that would be a lie; I knew exactly what I was doing when I typed in the number to send my one-word message to. It was just a quick and simple “hi” (soon followed by a “who is this” from Billie) but it was the start of an era. The start of hundreds of dollars being spent on phone credit and the start of me making a friend.

A friend who soon turned into something more than that. So much more.

Our first kiss was an accident, but the kind of accident that makes stars seem ugly and too much not enough.

I’d gotten beaten up at school, real bad. To the point where the bullies only stopped because one of them thought I was about to pass out. So they just left me behind the bike shed, nothing but a pile of blood and tears. I can’t even remember what I did to make them so mad at me that time, just that I did and that it left me unable to stand by myself. So I got out my cell and texted Billie, a person who I’d learnt to trust even more than I do Gerard through our late night texting conversations and weekend meetings that Gee certainly didn’t like.

Billie came instantly, running through the school and straight to where I told him I would be, still in his work uniform and arms wind-milling to propel him towards me even quicker. He knelt down next to me, emerald eyes sparkling with sorrow at my pitiful state, and told me to calm down; told me that he was going to make it all better. I’d nearly worked myself into a panic by this point, so he pulled my head into his lap and rubbed small circles on my temples with his nimble thumbs. He leaned his head over mine, not an accident, so that our breath mingled like two dance partners meeting for the first time. An electric yelp of pain coursed through my beaten body, jolting my face upwards and forcing our lips to touch.

The first touch may have been an accident. The way Billie held our lips there with his, however, most certainly wasn’t. Especially when he started to slip his tongue into my mouth, making me moan in delight and shift to get closer to the older boy whose thumbs were stroking my cheeks by that point. Our lips worked together, lapsing over each other repeatedly until I was about to suffocate. Not that I would have minded. I mean, I was already in heaven. Billie just smiled at me, looking at me like I’d finally managed to do something right in my life, and picked me up bridal style. Taking me back to his place to get cleaned up. And to get kissed a hell of a lot more.

It wasn’t an accident when he asked me to be his boyfriend.

It wasn’t an accident when I said yes.

It was, unfortunately, an accident when Gerard found out. Found out in the worse way possible; me groaning like a whore on the couch, Billie on top of me with a wicked gleam in his eyes and teeth nipping sweetly at my sweaty neck. Subsequently, it wasn’t an accident when Gerard gave Billie a black eye. Nor when he yelled at him about me being an emotionally unstable kid who can’t just be played with like some sort of rag doll.

Billie and Gerard haven’t spoken to each other since. All because of me. But Billie says it isn’t my fault; he tells me that Gerard just doesn’t want to let go of the idea of me being his “baby” brother yet, but he will come to his senses and see that we’re perfect together. Because we are.

Me and Billie were made for each other.

And that, was no accident.

A/N: Just a short little one-shot with one of my favourite pairings that you never really hear much of. Anyway, I hope you liked it and please let me know what you think! :)
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