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Come back, Moyashi

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I Love You with all my heart, you stupid Moyashi. :' Allen's dead- kanda's thoughts about it. Warning: Hints of BL, M/M.

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I stared at the white coffin in front of me,

Hey- are you really gone?

It's funny how I felt sadness all over me, but no tears fell

How come you lose to such weak akuma

Well, what do I expect from Moyashi

To be strong? Like hell, no way

You know, you're annoying

You made everyone cry like babies

Lanalee is bawling, it hurts my eardrum

You'll pay for this, I tell you!

But you know what, I think you should open your eyes

Or at least snort at me, I called you Bean-sprout you know

Call me BaKanda, get mad at me

Tell me that I'm mean, arrogant, and inconsiderate of other people's feelings

Meet me at the cafeteria, eat lots and lots

Make me see that poker face I hate the most

Argue with me like always

Hey, why aren't you moving?

Come on, you can't be serious that you're dead right?

Where's the Allen Walker I know?

The one who keeps on bugging and pestering me

The white hair food freak

Answer me, Moyashi

How come you're so weak, you look awful inside that box

I can't understand you-

One night, you say "I love you"

then the next day, you'll sleep in that thing

I don't think that it's a comfortable place to sleep

So wake up ...

Don't make me mad, Moyashi

It hurts for me too, you know

You know I'm not good with talking and I always end up hurting you

But you know me, right?

You know how much I care for you

How much I love you

So wake up okay?

Smile at me, cling to me, love me

Give me everything-

Cause You know what,

I finally felt tears falling ...

You made me cry, Allen Walker

take responsibility for it-

You made the cold samurai cry, idiot

So come back here and wipe it away

Open your eyes, and promise I'll stop calling you Moyashi

Make a deal with me ...

I'll stop saying "tch" every time you come near me

I'll hold your hand in public, even if I die because of embarrassment

I'll tell you "I love you" every night

I'll let you kiss me in front of everyone

I won't act rude anymore

I can't believe I said that just now,

but it's true- Samurai's keep their promise

I'll do all of those and anything you wish for

So please ...

come back to me, okay?

I can't take it, knowing that I won't see you again

Because the lost of one bean sprout in the world means a lot to me


Hey, before I break down-

I wanna say something ...



I Love You with all my heart, you stupid Moyashi
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