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The World Is Confusing

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*Frerard One Shot* The rain poured down, Even the angels were pleading for him to awaken.

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Oneshot i came up with today :)


4th January 2012

Slowly we follwed. The rain was pouring, the sky grey and dull. Eben the angels were crying. Noone really desrves this. I meant his person was a kind and gentle soul but had their bad days on various occasions but normally would be happy, bright, sensitive, caring and cheerful. When the news got around after what had happened eachone of us slowly follwoing were devestated. I for one was heartbroken and torn apart. I will have to move on from it all. I was in pieces. i would never see the family we could have had, the memories stioll to uncover would be left blinded and unfullfilled. We only got engaged last week. I then took a minute to look down at the enagement ring. The smile spread across thier face when i accepted. It was defintly one of the days i will cheerish forever. Then seuddently without a sound i felt Emma grab hold of my hand looking at me with sadness written across her face along with pain and hurt stitched across her eyes. She was just as bad, she had even started cutting, im not surprised after all this was her twin brother who had kept her safe all these years. Her dad would abuse her and then she wiuld turn to him and he would make her feel safe, secure and above all Loved. Wanted as if she deserved to be in this world, no matter how bad a place it was or how confising it may seem. He was a friend. But if you annoyed hi or spread rumours or especially if you pick a fight with his friends and family they would be hunted down within miliseconds. He wasn't perfect. He did have enemies and made a few mistakes in his life but thye are just mistakes that he learnt from. Emma had worn a thigh length dress with black fishnet tights and heels along with a black fun eral hat and heavy eyeliner around the precious green gems she owned for eyes. Her lips a blood rose red colour that suited her pale skin. Her flouncy blonde hair was tied up in a bun except for her sweeping side fringe that always no matter where she put it or how much hairspray she used it fell over her right eye and a few curly strands hung down. Not that she cared. I took a stronger grip on her hand. The life that her brother led was strong and honourable he always put others before him and was always appreciated for it. But when it came to me he was like my sheild. In high school i used to get bullied for being what i am and i soon fell into depression. I soon became ashamed of who i was. But he was with me throughout it especially when i almost committed suicide. It had hit me so hard that i wanted to leave the world but the doctors managed to save me. Hoew and why? Easy answer him. He made sure i got to the hospital in a flash, in a click of a finger. Honestly it should be me in the dark wooden coffin that he know lies and rests in. Maybe the angels will watch over him but i know he will be looking from above watching over me, seeing me live life to the fullest. Life would hvae had a bigger meaning if he was still around. Then suddently the hearse carrying the coffin with his oh so delicate body turned into the graveyard. I heard sobs coming from the crowd of friends and family. The rain suddently poured faster and harder as if the angels were pleading him to wake up before it was too late. We then arrived at the piece of ground that he would lie for eternity.

"Sometimes bad things happen to the good people. Sometimes the unexpected occurs when we are not ready for it. But this will prove our strength and how he will want us to live and be thankfull for the memories that he has gifted us with, especially you" Emma said looking at me directly in the eye.

"He wrote a letter" I muttered.

"What?" Emma asked

"He wrote me a letter, the date of it is a few years ago but i found it stored away in a box in his wardrobe" I said a little louder. Emma's eye's became wide.

"What did it read?" She asked. I looked down at the ground and then around me, our close friends Ray and my brother Mikey were looking at me curious. I took a deep breath in, i had cried alot when i had read it. I slowly lifted the piece of a4 paper out of my pocket and Emma's black gloved hands covered her mouth in a way that you would put your hands praying. Tears were already making their way down her cheek. I slowly opened it, my hands shaking. I coughed and read the words from the page.

17th June 2006,


You clearly cleared out my wardrobe. The reason why i have moved on from this earth. I know that i am now dead but i had this strange feeling that i was going to pass away and i wanted to write a goodbye letter because i wouldn't have time. This is basically me forcing you to make me a promise. The promise being that you will not sulk over me dieing or turn to the alcohol again for relief of pain. Talk to Mikey or Ray about it. I don't want you to fall into that agin because if you fall into alcohol you will end up back on the drugs again. Don't make me turn in my grave or harm yourself. Please. Also while i'm gone take care of Emma. She is my number one girl and you know what she has been through. Pulled through hell and back. Make sure she does not harm herself or think of suicide. Protect her and watch over her. As for the band i hope that you guys continue making the music and the fans will live on with you remembering each time i destroyed Bob's kit or just being me. They will march on with you so you guys are not alone. Emma, Mikey, Ray and of course Gerard your not by yourself. Just remember who i am and visit me once in a while. Gerard you have given me everything and more than what i could ever ask for. The angels will watch over you as will I. Meet someone knew and treat them extra special. cough LynZ cough :) Take care of yourself and dont be afraid to keep on living or be afraid to walk the world alone. This is my Famous Last Disenchanted, Dead, Headfirst For Halos Words. Dont forget them Gerard I Love You.

xoxo Frank Thomas Anthony Iero Junior

Or if you prefer Frankie :)

By this stage Emma was crying on Mikey's shoulder and everyone in the crowd clapped even some fans of the band had turned up for Frank's funeral, they were sobbing aswell and Frank had been lowered into the ground. Saying our goodbyes and watching the dirt engulfing the coffin everyone left but i stayed.

"Hand in mine, into your icy blues and then i'd say to you, we could take to the highway with this trunk of ammunition too, i'd end my days with you in a hail of bullets" I sand touching the headstone, the tears descending out of my eyes as i remembered his touch and his lips pressed against mine. The world was a confusing place and that just proved it. Kissing the headstone i walkd away slowly from Frank's grave and began my new life without him. No matter how much i didn't want to.
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