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The Past Six Years

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My very first ever one-shot. Gerard/Frankie. Yes smut. Hope you like it.

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Gerards pov.

"Hey Gee" I heard my boyfriend of 6 years call from our bedroom.
"Yeah baby?" I was sitting on the counch in our living room drawing parts to my next comic book.
"Could you maybe come here a minute?" I heard his sexy voice call. I smirked.
"Now do you mean a minute or a few hours? because you know I have to finish this" I heard him whinning and i chuckled.
"Will you just come here" I laughed and droped my sketch book on the coffee table, Getting up and walking to out bedroom. Inside Frank was leaning over a box looking for something. His pert little ass in the air. I walked over and slaped his ass. He moaned and half giggled turning around.
"Yes baby, you called" I winked at him and he giggled again.
"Gee that.. nevermind.. have you seen my g-strings?" I did all i could not to laugh.
"Frankie baby, you don't wear g-stringes remember? they hurt your poor little ass" I snorted at the look of horror on his face.
"Geeeeee, i mean my guitar strings. and why did you have to bring that up again" His face flushing a deep red made me chuckle. I pulled him up and wraped my arms around him.
"I have no idea where they are baby, and i don't really care" I smashed my lips against his in a hungry kiss. He melted against me and moaned, kissing back just as hunrgly. I put my hands on his ass and squezzed, loveing the feel on his soft cusiony cheeks against my rough hands. I pulled him towards the bed and pushed him down. Climbing ontop of him, kissing up his bare chest, taking his left nipple in my mouth, running it between my teeth and gently sucking, Moving onto his right nipple which got the same attention. His hands locked in my hair, Pulling lighting on the stranded, trying to move me up to his lips.
"Gee.. Kiss me please"
"Always so impatient" I moved up and kissed him loveing on the lips. He ran his toung over my lips, begging for entrance, which i granted. I moaned into his hot little mouth, ginding my hips against his own, him only being in boxers, me in jeans. The heat ran quickly through my veins. I felt his hands run down my chest, between our moving bodys, to my jeans where he quickly undone the botton and zipper, sliding them off my hips, which where still moving against his own. As soon as the jeans where off I pulled back and pulled off his boxers. He gasped when he seen i wasn't wearing any. He sat up and wrapped his arms around my neck pulling me in for the most passionate kiss i have ever experienced with him. I feel inlove with him right there all over again. I moaned into his mouth. He pulled me down and wrapped his legs around my waist.
"No prep, just fucking fuck me" He moaned against my lips. I all but moaned and pressed the tip of my cock against his anus. Slowly I pushed into him, trying as much as i could not to hurt him. He moaned, throwing back his head agaisnt the pillows, pushing his hips down, pulling me further into him. Once i was fully seated inside of him i let out a shacky breath.
"I love you Gerard, i really do" He leaned up and kissed me softly.
"I love you too baby"


Ehh yeah i no it's crap, and I stopped there because well.. I just wanted too!
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