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A/N: Okay, so hey... I'm just gonna say, I'm way ahead on this story, but I'm waiting to upload parts, cos I'm mean like that ;) Special mention to UsernameGoesHere for reviewing all the chapters :D and to Elisha, cos she's rubbish at badminton... anyway, on with the story!

“Hey guys,” said Spencer, throwing a glance in my direction. “So, whatcha doin?” Jon asked, sitting down beside Spencer. I moved slightly toward Spencer, so that Ryan could sit down, next to me. “We’re just discussing our set list, because we didn’t like ending on Northern Downpour,” Spencer replied, and Jon nodded. “Oh, I see,” Jon glanced in my direction. I wasn’t really paying a lot of attention to what they were talking about, I was just in a world of my own, when Jon said, “So, Brendon, did you ever get past that level on Angry Birds?” “Hmm?!” I said, blinking slowly, coming out of my magical brain world, where everyone was friends, and Ryan and I rode round on magical pink unicorns, and yeah, you get the picture… “Oh, umm…” I said, not really answering his question. “Hey, I think someone’s tired.” Spencer said, “Honestly, I’m the youngest, you’re meant to look after me!” he smiled at me, and I half- heartedly returned it. “yeah, I am pretty tired.” “Actually, Spencer,” Ian said, “I’m the youngest!” I smiled, “Haha Spence, owned!” He playfully punched me on the arm. “See, you’re the second oldest- you should look after me and baby Ian!” “Yeah, Brendon!” Jon said. Ryan was yet to speak. “Well, guys, I’m going to bed. I’m so tired.” I said, and got up, choosing to climb over Spencer and Jon, rather than asking Ryan to move. “Night Brendon.” they both said. Still nothing from Ryan. I sighed, and climbed up the stairs to my bed.

Spencer’s POV:
“Hey, Spencer, can I have a word?” Jon said. “Yeah, sure, shall we?” I said, motioning to the door. We stepped outside, and I took a breath of the fresh air. Well, fresh-ish air, Ian had been smoking. “So?” I said. I bet Brendon and Ryan’s talk had been much more awkward. “I’m really worried about Brendon, and Ryan for that matter. They hardly speak when they’re around each other, and It’s annoying me!” He said, frowning. “I know, Jon, I know. But what they had was so special, and then that damn argument happened, and now we’re where we are now.” He nodded, and said, “We had something special too Spencey.” “I know, Jon, but it wouldn’t be fair on…” “Who gives a shit!” he said, “we can’t spend our lives like this just because they are.” I nodded, “I agree, and I’m not gonna lie. I still have feelings for you too Jon.” His eyes lit up brighter than the moon that night. “Really?” I nodded. “Come on Spence. Let’s get back together. They don’t have to know about it, right?” I shook my head, trying to do what my brain was saying, but my body was telling me to kiss him. He leaned towards me. I hesitated, but then decided that my body was overpowering my brain. We shared a small kiss, before pulling apart. “Oh Jon, I’ve missed you!” I said, and threw my arms around him.

Brendon’s POV: (The next morning)
I woke up feeling awful. Ugh. I quickly went to the bathroom, but found that the door was closed. Closed, but not locked, and I could hear someone in there. Singing in the shower. Singing one of our songs! Oh my god, it was Ryan. Come on Brendon. You need to get over him. It’s never going to happen. Just as I went to knock on the door, Ryan came out of the door, opening it, meaning that my fist missed the door, and I tripped forward, falling on him. He only had a towel around his waist, and lets just say, I saw a lot more of him than I’d seen in ages. “Oh my Gosh, I am so sorry,” I said, apologetically trying to help him up. He laughed, “Don’t worry Brendon; it’s nothing you haven’t seen before.” I opened my mouth to speak, but was forced to close it when he started to kiss me. I tried to stop him for a moment, but then I decided that I’d kiss him back, after all, that’s what I’ve been wanting for the last two years. “Oh my gosh. Jonny, come here!” Spencer’s voice said. Jonny? “What babe?” Jon’s voice came. Babe? Ryan and I broke apart, embarrassed. “You two… were… oh my… you were…” Jon’s voice said, and I saw Spencer slip his arm around his shoulder. “You two are…” Ryan said. “Yes, now you two go and put some clothes on. I looked down to realise I was only wearing my Superman boxers, and Ryan was once again wrapped in his towel. “Ah, yeah, okay, hang on…” I trailed off, and ran to my suitcase, Ryan doing the same. When we were alone again in the bunk area, Ryan slipped some pants on, and said, “Bren, I missed your kisses.” I opened my mouth in shock. “Yeah, I missed yours too…” “Then why don’t we get back together?” Ryan said, eagerly. I sighed, “I don’t know Ry, we could try it…” “Brendon. Please. I love you.” Ryan said. “I’ve loved you always, even though we had the argument, I still loved you. I wish you felt the same way.” I blinked. “But, I do. I love you George Ryan Ross.” I said, and suddenly, we were kissing again, this time Ryan was wearing slightly more than a towel. “Oh,” I heard Dallon say, as he’d obviously just come up the stairs. “Oh, hey Dallon…” I said, as Ryan and I broke apart. “Hey Brendon…” He smiled awkwardly. “Well, I’ll just be grabbing my phone charger and um going.” he said, snatching the cable from beside his bed, and leaving the bunk area. “That was funny.” Ryan said, lying down on his bed. He’d just got dressed into some skinny jeans and a t-shirt. “Brendon, can I borrow some eyeliner, I didn’t bring any…” He said. “Wait, you still wear eyeliner?” I asked, feeling a sensation of joy. Ryan in eyeliner was the best look ever! He nodded. “Awesome!” I said, handing him my eyeliner pencil, and pulling my jeans on.

Spencer’s POV:
“They were really going for it, weren’t they!” I said, and Jon nodded, grinning. “Spence, you smell of naan bread,” he giggled, as he lay across my lap. “What?” I said, smirking. “You know, I think that we could get back together…” I said, and Jon shrugged. “There’s a possibility of it isn’t there!” he said, smiling up at me. Suddenly, we heard a huge bump. “What the frick was that?” Jon yelled, sitting up abruptly. “Um… I don’t know…” I smiled, betting that it had something to do with Rydon upstairs… “I’d better go and see…” said Jon. I smiled, “I wouldn’t, they’re probably screwing!..” I said, and he replied, “good point, I’ll stay here…”
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