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One Bullet To The Brain.

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Suicide Frerard i guess? Not good with summaries but Gerard kills himself after Mikey and Frank die. ::ONESHOT::

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Hello readers (naff start to an authors note, but there ya go) This is LatherTheBlood's new fic, but she asked me (ChemicalKilljoy) to write an authors note for her, and I'm trying not to be too embarrassing. Anyhoo, this is a slightly depressing oneshot about Gerard Way's untimely demise. Please R&R? Yes? Thanking you :3. LTB & ChemKill xo

I am not afraid to keep on living.

That sentence describes my life. At least, it used to.

I’ve lost everything.

I’ve lost my job, my brother, my boyfriend and my means to live.

Shall we start at the beginning?

I had arrived late to work on Monday morning. It was about the eighth time that month that I had been late. My boss pulled me into her office at least half an hour after I had arrived, she began telling me that I was useless, that I had no skill and my writing was terrible. She told me I need to go back to school and learn how to tell time. She handed me a small cardboard box and told me to pack up all my belongings. I had been fired. I had only had that job for 3 months. My mother was so disappointed.

She screamed at me, told me how useless I was. I heard that twice that day. Now, about my brother Mikey? Yeah, he’s gone.

3:00 am, Thursday morning. The day I became truly depressed.

There was fire everywhere. Thick black clouds of barrelling smoke escaped into the cold air. Heat coming at you from every corner and crying relatives and neighbours were gathered outside. Apart from one. Mikey. He was trapped in the house, upstairs in his room. The ceiling hand collapsed into it and he was stuck under one of the rafters. I tried, I honestly did. I ran through the burning building, shouting his name in hope that he would hear me. A faint cry from upstairs was all I could hear. I managed to reach him, pulling him out of the blaze.

My mother was so proud of me for getting her baby boy out. He died, later in hospital. Too much smoke inhalation the doctors said, I blame myself. If I hadn’t wasted so much time he would still be here with us. Making us laugh and keeping me company. He was only eighteen.

My boyfriend. Yes I still refer to him as mine. He always will be.

Frank had always been close to Mikey, he came to his funeral with us. It hit him hard, he was violently crying through the whole service. I tried to comfort him, whilst fighting back my own tears. It didn’t work however, Frank continued to cry. Heavily. He cried through the night and he next day. See,Mikey was Frank’s best friend. They were inseparable. No matter what I did, Frank didn’t seem to be happy. The crying soon came to a halt but he was still depressed. Nothing made him happy. One night, as we lay sleeping, Frank lay there. Razor in one hand and suicide note in the other. He cut deep, so there was no hope in bringing him back. He also overdosed on pills, to be sure he would die.

This killed me, I wouldn’t eat for days after this, I wouldn’t even get out of bed. I stayed in my basement, only emerging when I was needed, which wasn’t often.

I visit both of their graves regularly, but it’s not enough. I want to be with them, up in that perfect little world. Where no harm will ever come to anything and nobody can hurt you. I can’t leave my mother though, this will kill her. Having two deceased sons and a failed marriage?

But I have to..

I can’t stay here any longer.

Whoever said killing yourself was easy?

I did, it only takes one bullet to the head.

One bullet gave me my Frank back and one bullet gave me my Mikey back.

ChemicalKilljoy again, but oh god I know I'm gonna cry when I get to reading this... I DID NOT WRITE THIS. This story was written entirely by LatherTheBlood, ChemicalKilljoy just wrote the authours' notes. Because LTB was unavailable to do so, cos she was in a car, going somewhere...? Anyhoo, please R&R? :D
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