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Love Makes Breathing Hard

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Alot happening in this chapter! Just to move things along a bit quicker tbh! :)

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Hey dears! So today i'm trying to cram in a good few episode plotlines to move the story along as i kinda get that not much is happening and you're all probably super bored and losing interest! Kinda like me when i fall asleep in French class (and yes that actually happened twice last week XD) So i hope this is okay and not too terrible and i also require a little advice if you're all okay with that! I'll post my dilemma at the bottom! :) xo

Franks POV
I sit up slowly, my back and thighs aching. I know exactly why i'm feeling so breakable, so stiff and achey. It's the result of last night. Last night when i let everything go. Every ounce of my vulnerability spilling out, every ounce of my wishing to be wanted being granted by nobody other than him. Gerard Way, the adorable klutz that's moving into my village. I cautiously stand up and creep from the room, leaving the pale life altering dracula behind me. His breath slowly rising and falling with his chest.

Gerards POV
I crack my eyelids open and am met by my boyfriend coming through the door, rubbing his hair with a towel. Wait, boyfriend? Is that what we even were now? For all i know, i could have just been come cheap fuck that will never happen again and didn't and never will mean anything to him. "Hey." I say simply, as if we're awkwardly acquainted like the kid you sit next to in Math but have no real feeling of affection or yearn for a relationship of any kind with. You just say hey to pass the hour.

"Hey, er, I have work so you should probably get up." He says walking over to the window and opening the curtains before looking out. "You can use the shower and whatever you want, I'll go and make coffee." He says before half smiling at me and walking from the room. I should have guessed. This is all new to him, every single pretty little fucking particle of it. It's all new, and the way i was, and especially am now because it's him, he's fucking terrified.

Franks POV
"You really gotta stop singing Dayle. Seriously." I laugh stirring sugar into three cups of hot, tasty coffee. "What?! I thought you enjoyed my Whitney Houston Impersonation, accuracy is key you know." He says raising an eyebrow in mock defense. "What are your plans for the day anyway? Your Mom wants to see you. Won't leave me alone." He giggles taking a cup from me. "Well i have work this morning and then i'm free, but that idiot of a boyfriend is home today." I sigh, i really fucking hate the guy with a burning passion nothing could ever possibly extinguish. "Well, maybe she could come here, ah we'll see eh? Anyways, why have you made three cups? Is one for my new employee today?" He grins, face full of confusion. And then it has to happen, doesn't it? Gerard stumbles into the room fastening his fly and running a hand through his wet tangled hair. Dayle looks at both us, knowing exactly what's been going on and i feel my face burn a bright shade of scarlet. "Right well, i'll be in my office." Dayle says walking away quickly leaving us standing there like a pair of tomatoes in a greenhouse. Well, i'm sweating enough anyways. And he's just as red as I am right now. "I have work to do so i'll be going soon." He says taking the last cup of coffee and sipping slowly, revelling in the perfect way it seemed to fix everything. "Emmm. My Mom called." He adds sharply returning to drinking his heaven in a cup. " Oh nice." I say slightly lost, I didn't know what he was getting at. " She wants to meet you later, family dinner." He mumbles. " It's okay if you don't want to go, i know it's-"
"No,that would be okay. You've met mine." I say quickly, because as scared shitless as i am, i do want this to go somewhere and i do like him. Alot.

Dayles POV
"I know what they do. It's just uh, strange i guess." I rant to my receptionist, a woman who could give Perez Hilton a run for his money. It's the truth! She loves gossip. Let alone creates it, you'd think she was one of those seedy journalists that likes to ruin lives.
"I get you. You mean, you accept it but you just don't want it going on in your house, under your roof." She says, her grey eyes glinting over her mug of tea, the mischief that never leaves. "N-Erm... I mean it's just casual sex!" I say my voice pitch increasing slightly more than i intend and the poor woman chokes on her tea. Maybe gossip should be banished, the effects are mental and physical.

Gerards POV
I saunter over to the Garage nervously, slightly worried incase i become one of those clingy irritating people that are pretty much borderline stalkers. That would be overly creepy and new for the poor guy. Not only is he not used to having a boyfriend/ fuck buddy/whatever but a stalker too? Just too much in all honesty. Oh fuck me, i'd willingly call myself his fuck buddy? That shit is fucked up majorly.

As i draw nearer, i see a man give him a handful of cash and drive away in the car that Frank had been working on since he first got his job. His eyes meet mine and he smiles, as though we're both looking in mirrors as my face is exactly the same, just less pretty obviously. I stroll over to him and we slowly begin to talk as i sense his nerves now. No PDA, i completley get it. I'm not even a newbie and i still hate making out in public with my partners. " So you get a break soon?" I ask him as i'm aware mine is dawning slowly, thank god may i add as Dad woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. " I do." He smiles a little aware his boss is and has been watching all the while since i arrived. "Well, would you like to meet or something? Dads got some errands to run so i'm alone with the wreckage." I say rolling my eyes. "Plus i was kinda hoping for some kisses."
"Well, you'll just have to wait and see won't you?" He says evilly making me wait, and once again we part ways. As i look over my shoulder i see his mother rushing up to him in her skyscraper heels and mini skirt. If i was straight, i would say that Linda is definitely a mother i would make an exception for. If i wasn't head over heels for her son anyways.

Franks POV
"Was that Gerard?" My Mom is fretting, dashing up to me as i cant help but roll my eyes at her. I know she worries, it is her job after all but really? I'm at work and it's pretty obvious that it was infact Gerard that was here just mere seconds ago. "Yes it was." I reply and her shocked face grows. And much to my unamusement my boss decides to intervene. "Yeah he was, that boy of yours hasn't stopped smiling all day. If i were you i'd go right over there and hug Gerald." He smiles at me as i wait for the ground to swallow me whole, and let me tell you, i hope it fucking happens fast. Usain Bolt speed preferably.


Frank POV
I'm wearing my black button up shirt, crisp, washed and ironed as well as those designer jeans i hate that i got for my birthday last year. And the worst part? Wait for it.... Shit flickers. Office mens beetle like winkle picker, shit flicking ugly shoes. Why? Why not my Iron Maiden or Black Flag shirt, skinny jeans and Profanity covered red converse, oh and why did i have to invest in a bottle of nail varnish remover? Because i am meeting Gerard Way's mother, that's why. Well i say Gerard Mother, but in reality it's the whole family. Papa Way, Mama Way and Mini Way AKA Mikey. Gerards geekling of a brother, geekling being what Gerard described him as anyways.

In all honesty, i'm absolutely shitting it. Petrifyingly scared as a baby meeting Marilyn Manson doesn't even come close to quite cut it. And a baby would be scared because i'm scared of that motherfucker, even Lady Gaga should be scared of him. And that chick is scary with that genius mind of hers. I approach the park and there before me stand Gerard, waiting patiently perched on the swings, humming the tune to Welcome to the jungle softly.

Gerards POV
"Hey Mr Way!" An earbud is ripped from my ear and all too familiar yet gorgeous voice fills every ounce of surrounding air. I jump at first much to Franks amusement and he takes a seat on the swing next to me placing the ear bud into his own ear. The cheek! I would care if it was anyone else but exceptions have to be made sometimes, especially if they're cute and sweet like my only one.

I decide after a few moments listening silently to the song i should just cut to the chase. " Frank, what do in introduce you as to my family?" I blurt out unable to take anything back. An uncomfortable silence comes over us again and i know he's deep in thought by those eyes of his. "Well, we're boyfriends aren't we?" He says finally, shattering the emptiness and making me smile. "Hell yeah we are!" I scream grabbing his hand and running with him to my house.

Franks POV
A blonde woman whips the door open and smiles broadly at Mine and Gerards entwined hands. " Ah! It's like i have a third son already! How are you honey? Gerard won't stop talking about you! Oh my goodness, please come in!" She says ushering us inside and kissing us both on the cheek before taking our coats. "Now listen Frankie, i don't want you feeling awkward. The past is the past, I'm over it, Donalds over it and most importantly Gee is over it, Mikey? You may have some issues but he's a good kid, he won't punch you or anything like that." She smiles reassuringly and we follow her into the kitchen. The wave of heat smacking me square in the face.

"We're making Veggie Lasagne and Veggie Pizza, we don't have vegetarians over much!" A man i assume to be Gerards Dad laughs as he stand over the stove, Donna quickly joining him as he desperately tries not to set the pans on fire. "You boys sit down! Mikey, would you get them both a drink please! And no beers!" She warns eyeing Mikey suspiciously.
"He;s recovering from a drink problem." Gerard mutters softly next to my ear and i squeeze his hand gently.

Mikey returns and sets five glasses on the table, carefully filling each one with Lemonade and then earning a huge hug from his brother and they begin to jabber on about some comic book they both seem to love so much and the next comic con they want to go to. "It's three weeks away!" Mikey exclaims excitedly, Gerard inner child coming out as he bursts with excitement too. This family is one i wouldn't mind spending my days with.

"So tell us about yourself sweetheart." Donna smiles at me as she sets a plate full of Pizza down, Gerard shoots me an apologetic and embarassed look as Donna and Donald look interested. And Mikey? Well he looks furious. Furious at my precense, not that i blame him. I did punch his brother's face in. Our battle was far from over, and i could only hope we were strong enough to survive it. And that nothing else could go wrong from here on in. I had to make sure i watched my back. I had to be extra careful this time.

The Next Day

Frank's POV
I think last night went well. Sure it could have gone smoother, sure i should have dressed alot more casual as the Ways were all in their usual daily attire and sure, i should have expected less from Mikey. The reason? I smashed his brothers face in, i did it and i can't change it now no matter how much i want to. Its something i know i won't ever forgive myself for. I expected Mikey to be just like Donna and Donald, sweet and chatty, instead he tried to ignore me completely and avoided talking to me as much as possible. I understood where he was coming from but it still stung like a bitch.

"Frank!" I'm snatched away from my train of thought and am ordered downstairs at an instant by Dayle. I pull myself up off the mattress and groggily walk downstairs in my zombie like state of mind. "What?!" I yell, my good mood from yesterday vanishing before instantly being rplaced and even maybe enhanced a little. "I want you to do me a favour, take care of this dog, Clyde." Dayle proudly points in the direction of a wolf like German Shepherd with a black spiky collar around his neck and big, shiny eyes. I love dogs unconditionally. Always have and always will. "THANKYOU SO FUCKING MUCH!" I exclaim to Dayle and lean down to pet the dog on the head, giving his tummy a little rub as i do this. "You're welcome." Dayle winces at my sudden outburst. "Okay just remember to feed and walk him. If he ends up dirty, you're bathing him and he does not go upstairs or on the couch under any circumstances." I nod as though i'm on a sugar high and begin a farewell tussle with my new best friend before i head to work.

Gerards POV
"Mikes, it's the past." I repeat myself yet again.
"It still happened, and i hate him for it." He replies crossing his arms over his chest and focusing back on the Kerrang! Magazine he was reading before.
"Mom, have a word please?" I ask in pure desperation.
"Gee, i love Frankie and all but i do see your brothers point. Give Mikey some time and maybe he'll be fine with it eventually, but right now you have to accept he isn't keen on Frank. He's a good kid too, he's just protecting his big brother." She said ruffling Mikeys hair and kissing his forehead, Mikey giving me a "in your face" look as she turns to leave for her work.

Franks POV
"Hey, you! Fucking hell bitch! Sell me some cheap ass car that breaks down after a fucking day!" The bloke from yesterday. Okay so i admit i tampered with the cars milage clocks a little, but we needed the cash, we needed the car gone. We, being everyone working here and trying to earn a living. "I sold it you at a knock out cheap price." I point out calmly.
"Because it doesn't fucking work! That's why!" He exclaimed before turning violent. "What use is a car, if it won't drive!"
"Look, it isn't my problem! Now leave! Go away! " I scream at him as the boss escorts him from the premises.
"I'll get you for this! I swear this isn't the end!" He screams as he's lead away.

"Difficult customer?" The boss laughs as he returns.
"You could say that." I say simply, hoping i wouldn't have to see him ever again.


I approach the house and see Dayle scrubbing at the front window, in red spray paint the word " DEADBEAT" is scrawled perfectly. But not a good perfect, an infuriatingly hurtful and annoying perfect and i'm going to make him pay. I know just how to do it too.

I turn the corner and re check the address for the third time, knowing i've got the right place for definite. I bang on the door, Clyde sitting at my feet. "Up boy, up!" I command and he simply obliges as the door opens revealing that ugly scrawny face of his. Clyde growls and bares all of his teeth as the man tries to step up to me. " You see it now. You come near me again, them jaws around your neck, you got it fucker?" I snarl and can't help but laugh as he back away in submission, spitting out apologies and pleas for us to go. We go, but just to get away from his pathetic, horrible self. It's done now. Over for good.

"Good boy." I pat Clydes head as i let him out into the large cage Dayle had built him in the Back Yard. It was just the right size. He could run, play with his ball or simply lay down if he wanted too. I left him a bowl of food and a big bowl of water. My best friend was a dog, and you know what? It was perfect like that. I didn't mind one little bit.

Gerards POV

"Gee, Mikes will come around. You know how he is. He's shy around new people anyway." Dad pats my back, trying to reassure me about my little brothers frostiness towards one of the most important people in my life. All of them were equally important, i didn't know if it was jealousy, hell it couldnt be. Mikey wasn't that kind of guy. He was the sweetest kid ever. Wouldn't hurt a fly.

"What if he doesn't Dad?" I sigh.
"He will, you know he will." He simply smiled. "Now concentrate you know what happened last time you got your hand." He laughs.
"But that had a good outcome." I reply.
"Yeah, but it left you a nice scar son. And we gotta deadline to meet, we're three days behind schedule! Kids these days!" Dad mocks anger as i simply giggle until out of the corner of my eye i see a scene so terrible.

I pull my phone from my pocket. That couldn't be the dog Frank sent the picture of earlier could it? His new dog. Bundled in Dayle's arms and being rushed inside, leaving a trail of thick crimson blood behind them. Dad and I rush out and across to Dayles aid as the dog yelps and screams the most horrifying sounds i've ever heard.

Franks POV
"Frank! Come now!"
"Donald? I mean. er Mr Way?"
"Frank.." He's breathless and red from running. Why? What's happened?!
"Is Gerard okay?!" I scream fearing the worst.
"Yeah he-h hes fine! It's your dog Frank! You need to come now!"
The boss nods at me as i run as fast as i can to Dayles house, i get there in a matter of minutes. The scene before me, brings me to my knees.

"We have to put him down Frank." Dayle tells me as the tears continue to fall.
"Okay." I sniffle slightly as i hold onto Clydes soft, warm fur. This is all my fault. My dog has to go, because i wanted revenge. "What happened to him?" I ask shakily, uncertain if i want to know at all.
"We think, he was attacked by another animal. Another dog is likely. Someone saw that guy from the garage here with a dog earlier." Dayle adds quietly and i look up at him in shock, unaware he knew about my problems lately at work.
"I'm sorry Frank." He says softly rubbing my back.
"It's time isn't it?" I ask through my tears.
"Yes, it is Frankie. You can go if you need to." Dayle adds softly.
"No, i want to stay with him." I protest as Dayle lifts the needle and slowly injects the contents into Clydes left front paw. I lean down and kiss his mass of fur, saying my goodbyes.

"He's not in any pain now." Dayle says as i fall into his father like embrace.
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