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“I don’t think your brother likes me, Mikes.”

I look up at Pete in shock at his sudden realisation, his hair still tousled and eyes closed from our earlier positioning. His arms are still curled tightly around my naked stomach from where I’m sitting/lying in his lap, the two of us relaxing on his bunk after one of the greatest shows of Warped Tour so far. The crowd was fantastic but it wasn’t that that made it rock so much, it was the fact that I knew Pete would be waiting for me afterwards, his band mates crashing with mine on the My Chem bus thanks to Patrick’s awesome idea for the two groups to play spin the bottle together.

Pete and I got out of it by saying that Pete had a temperature and that I was kinda tired so it made sense for us to stay on the Fall Out Boy bus together.

The plan had been concocted via a text conversation before the show. One that made me blush and smile like a schoolgirl because Pete’s… Well, Pete’s Pete. Enough said.

“Why’d you think that?” I mumble in reply, not really surprised that he thinks that Gerard dislikes him now that I consider it. The look on Gee’s face when I told him I was going to help Pete out with his “pre-show nerves” told me quite clearly what he thinks of Fall Out Boy’s bassist. Of my bassist.

“He punched me.” I don’t have to see his face to know that he’s smirking; that he’s actually extremely proud of the fact that he managed to piss off my poor big brother. “I’d say that’s a pretty good indication.”

I don’t know how I should feel about that. I just don’t understand why the two can’t get along. I think it’s because they’re too alike for their own good; they’re both somewhat arrogant, very artistic, both like to be in charge of a situation and, most importantly, both seem to have some kind of complex about me being some sort of baby in need of their protection.

Not that I mind. From Gerard it’s nice to know that I’ll always have him to rely on when the world burns black and from Pete it’s downright adorable. Just not when it makes me the centre of their little spats.

“Why’d he do that?” I sigh, my words exasperated to let Pete know that I don’t condone him winding up my long-suffering brother. “Did you bring up Waycest again?”

“No!” He giggles at the memory, one that still makes me cringe, and plants a soft kiss to my forehead. A soft kiss that’s more like a firework exploding a bright red blush throughout my face. “I told him I think you’re sexy.”

I all but choke on my breath and turn to see Pete smiling proudly to himself, no hint of dishonesty to be seen.

Only pure pride.

“Oh, and that last time I was on top it got all sweaty. He punched me when I said about th-“

“Okay! I get it.” I yell at him, the rare sharpness to my tone making it perfectly clear that he won’t be sharing a bunk with anyone tonight if he carries on. “God, you’re just as bad as he is.”

All of a sudden his fingers spring to life, tickling my bare tummy like a soft kind of wildfire tracing patterns all over and turning me a deep beetroot colour from laughter. He always knows how to do that, how to make me laugh and smile when I think I’m going to explode. The last time it happened was when one of Frankie’s jokes got taken too far and I thought I was going to cry, Pete held me close to him, whispered to me, tickled me until it was all alright again.

“You laughed! You’re not mad.” He smirks smugly, making me giggle like a hyena as his fingers slow to a halt. “So, do you think Gerard knows?”

His voice is serious, serious for Pete anyway, and I think back to my earlier conversation with my big brother. The same big brother who made my first boyfriend, some junior I dated back when I was still a shy little freshman, run away screaming in fear when he first found out about the poor guy. I would have thought that Pete’s taunting would have made it clear to Gee, but apparently my big brother is in some sort of denial about the fact that I’m more than capable of not being his innocent baby brother anymore.

I twist around to be facing Pete, facing the first person in a long time to make me feel special.

“Do you still have a dick?”

He chuckles at my response, ruffling my hair as though it’s his most prized possession which in turn makes my chest swell in pride.

“You know the answer to that one, Sugar.”

“Then he doesn’t know.”

A/N: Thank you very much for reading and I hope that this is alright. It’s probably my least favourite part out of this little series, so sorry if it’s crap. Anyway, thanks for reading and please let me know what you think! :D
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