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I Can't Remember The Name Of a story i read

by midnightblackparade 1 review

Right so ok i read a story like agess ago (were talking like months maybe a year ago) and I forgot the name of it and i cant find it, I Really want to read it again So HELP PLEASE

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Published: 2012-04-02 - Updated: 2012-04-02 - 114 words

Right so ok the story involved mainly, Gerard, Mikey and A girl, Gerard works in a graveyard and Mikey has a mental dissability, Gerard Kidnapped a girl and then like uses her nad stuff and then mikey joins in, Then they get another Girl and Mikey Call's Her Kitty I think, Then she gets pregnant and Mikey accidently Kills her and Gerard's unborn baby. Oh and it has Like BDSM, And Sex and stuff in it.

IT'S not alot to go by i know but if anyone knows if this story is on ficwad still Or If anyone knows the link to it, Please Help and Comment

I just want to read this story
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