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This Pencil

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This pencil is my voice. R&R?

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A/N: Hi, this is just a random little poem I did last night while listening to The Black Parade. Hope you like. Feedback is very much appreciated (:

Oh, and guys? If you don't like this, fair enough- but please tell me why you don't like it or how I can improve rather than rating it down. Seriously, this has been starting to happen quite a lot and it's shit.

This Pencil

This pencil is my knife.

It hacks

This pencil is my voice.

It spits

This pencil scribes my life.

It loves

This pencil is my savoir.

Whispers words,
I’m too scared to utter.

Burns my wounds,
And helps them heal.

Erases acid sneers,
And poisoned mutters.

Accepts who I am,
Everything I feel I have to conceal.

It creates everything I love and I hate,
The things I want to scream and things I love to dream,
It creates everything I dread and I desire,
The things I fervently believe.

It creates everything I was.

Everything I am.

It creates everything I want to be.

It creates the worlds I

Wish could be real.

It helps me illustrate my dreams.

This pencil helps me escape,
To the only places I can really be


Yeah. No idea if that made sense to anyone but me...let me know your thoughts? Thanks for reading!

CosmicZombie xo

P.S. I updated Trying to Escape the Inevitable yesterday with chapter seventeen, so go check it out and R&R if you've got the time :D
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