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54. Hallucinogens

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"The moon was full, and the tide was rising." Suggested by AnotherKnifeInMyHand, KilljoyLiv.

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A/N: Remember kids... drugs are bad, mmmkay?

54. Hallucinogens

Gerard gagged as more pills were shoved into his throat. A blackbird was assisting, stroking his throat so that he swallowed the load.

That was the second batch of little white pills that they had made him consume. Gerard guessed that there were four in the last one, and three in this one. The blackbird extracted the hand that fed, looking to his partner blackbird and seeming to decide that it was enough. The other one nodded.

And just like that, they left.

When the door opened again some time later, Frank walked in. He smiled in way that extended off his face, and as he approached, Gerard could see that his skin was peeling off with every movement that he made.

He was saying something, but the fragments of noise that meant to form words spilled out of his mouth and remained frozen in mid air. A few syllables reached in him in broken pieces, sounding like something from a broken record.

Finally, in a voice that sounded low and grunting, like something that you would expect from the grim reaper, a sentence reached him.

"The floor is wet."

Gerard looked down and saw that the floor was indeed of a liquid consistency. It swirled around like an ocean of dark colors. He looked back up at Frank, who had turned into the moon. The moon was full, and the tide was rising...

Panic rushed through him, afraid of the ocean swallowing him whole. Somewhere in the distance, he could see a glint of white beneath the surface. Gerard knew they must be the teeth of a giant sea monster, like the ones his grandmother used to read to him about. It was waiting to devour him.

Although the glint had been far away, he could somehow already feel it's claws on him, grasping his body. The claws cut into him sharply, making nicks in his skin. Blood ran down his legs, and Gerard became aware that he was inevitably going to melt into a puddle of blood, that would leak down into the dark ocean.

It would feed the thirst of the beasts that lived there.

"NO!!" Gerard screamed hysterically, grabbing at his hair and pulling at the strands, as though they were ropes that could save him from the abyss.

He was terrified, oh so terrified.

The walls around him morphed to merge with the sea below. He could see nothing but maybe a few ripples in the water, and the bed on which he was hunched. The only thing that kept him from certain, painful death.

Some urine dripped down to mix with the blood, and Gerard began to cry. He needed to help him someone badly, but there was no person for miles around.

Contrary to this thought, a disembodied voice came to him. It was a voice he remembered, a voice that he once came home to every day. But unlike those times, it was unfriendly and jeering, almost taunting in a way.

"You have to go. You're going to drown. Jump now."

"L- Lindsey..." Gerard sobbed in his confusion, "Please, help me...I wanna go home...I wanna go home...I'm so scared... please..."

She did not answer him, but he looked around him and saw that his bed was catching fire. The flames were mighty and large, but unnatural. They were, at the very least, not any sort of flame he had ever seen from his life.

Gerard realized with horror that they were obviously from hell itself.

The waters were still rising, but they did nothing to extinguish the flames. Gerard had to choose between two fates: to be eaten by the beasts of the water, or to be consumed by the fire of the underworld.

He began to pant as the flames crept closer, their heat like a blanket that he was covered in. He was running out of air, out of room, and out of time. Gerard let out a strangled cry before he pushed himself upwards, and he stood on his feet.

He was astounded that he could stand at all, and Gerard nearly laughed at his victory. But a tingling at his soles mean that the fire must already be there.

"Get down. Get down, now!" He heard God's voice say.

But Gerard looked ahead of him, and instead saw Mikey floating in the air before him. His face was concerned, looking almost as afraid as Gerard felt.

"I want to go back." Gerard whispered, no longer sobbing but with tears still falling freely.


That voice had belonged to no man or human. Although it came from Mikey's lips, Mikey was obviously just a puppet for who the voice belonged to. Gerard felt understanding consume him, and he knew he had no choice. He jumped up like a child on a diving board, almost tucking his knees in like a cannon ball.

He fell into the darkness, and instantly felt searing pain burst throughout him. For the ocean was hard, cold, and somehow tiled. Gerard screamed and flailed. He waved his skinny arms around frantically, he trying to swim his way through the hybrid of liquid and solid. But the monsters had already reached him, probably attracted to the scent of his blood, like sharks.

Gerard felt them trying to pull him away -- tentacles wrapped around his wrists, tongues licked his face, and claws sunk into his hips. In a matter of seconds, Gerard was consumed by the painful grasps of hundreds of monsters. He knew there was no chance of escape...

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