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Fairy-Tale of the Invisibles

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We're just two kids, running through the rain. POEM. Read, review, rate and feel my love! :P

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Fairy-Tale of the Invisibles

Running through the rain,
Oblivious to your pain,
Just like you are mine,
Just two kids killing time.

Spin me round on the ride,
I don’t want to leave your side,
Even though you’d leave me,
If only I could make you see.

Kicking up the dust in the street,
Stuttering when our eyes meet,
Could it be that you feel the same?
Or am I just being lame?

Skipping through the museum,
Unknowing you ache for a mausoleum,
Laughing at the dead things,
At the bird that no longer sings.

I don’t know what made me tell,
You just didn’t seem like the type to yell,
So I told you all that I am inside,
I was sick of having to hide.

You told me all that you are,
Feeling that death isn’t bad by far,
The happy boy with the ugliest thought,
Making me feel distraught.

“I’m a cutter,” I said,
As we walked past some bread,
“I’m suicidal,” you whisper,
Making my heart even crisper.

A gang yell at me and guffaw,
You point out their flaw,
Making my smile return to me,
Your light making me see.

You don’t ask anything,
We sit on the street and sing,
Telling what we want of our thoughts,
Like sinking ships making it to their ports.

Two lost kids running through rain,
Knowing one another’s pain,
Smiling at not being alone,
Not that we ever will be again.

A/N: Just a little poem I wrote based on true events, could be taken as a Frerard/Frikey/whatever pairing you want it to be though if you so wish. Please let me know what you think/how to improve and thanks for reading!
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