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Being You

by YouCanRunAwayWithMe 5 reviews

I would be grateful if you could read this. My first ever poem posted here.

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Hello people! So this is the first poem of mine I've let anyone else read. I'm pretty nervous about posting it so any constructive criticism is warmly accepted. Sorry if it's absolutely terrible. I tried. Anyhoo, I should shut up. Here it is. Thanks for reading guys!


A seashore, cold and empty
Is covered in thousands of stones.
Each one different and special
In its own design.
Each telling a story
Of adventure.
Beaten down, rugged and sharp
Or smoothed by vicious waves

But never perfect.

Stones in their diversity,
Each with its own unique code
Can never
Be labelled as normal.

It's a shame that's not the case with people.
True, each person has their own story,
But in appearance,
If you do not follow the universal code,
If you show diversity,
You are beaten down
To a broken rugged shell
And left,
Bleeding on the floor.

You are not accepted.
Your fragile soul is shattered,
Broken apart,
Ripped open,
Left to survive,


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