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Dress of Bones

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About the modern idea of 'beauty'. Inspired by 'Stay beautiful, keep it ugly'.

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Note 4/10/12: Sorry, just making a couple edits- I'm going through all my songs and poems. Could some utterly lovely person rate this back up to green? All my stuff's being rated down at the moment, and it sucks.

Hi guys! God, I don't know where all these poems are coming from- the last couple of days they just keep flowing out...anyway, I wrote this at about one this morning, so it might be good or it might make absolutely no sense at all. I hope it's the first one :L

Dress of Bones

A pair of zombied eyes,
Watch me in the mirror,
A skeleton, a ghost,
Paper skin to wither.

A face stitched on,
Perfect and pristine,
Caked dollar-sign lies,
The truth forever unseen.

A pair of wizened eyes,
Watch me in the mirror,
A corpse, a husk,
Society’s brainwashed sinner.

A slathering of gloss,
Harsh, pink, obscene,
Hiding the whispered truth,
As if it’s black, it’s tar, it’s


So I look through the mirror,
Past the zombied eyes,
The pale tweaked features,
And cheap, plastic lies.

Jutting bones and jagged hips,
Bulbous ribs and cracking lips.



A leathery teenage corpse,
Gnarled and knotted and wrinkled,
Sullied and stained from
A society where honesty is ugly

A population threaded
To demented, dark fairytales,
Venom-surgery embedded-
Anything to hide

The truth.

The breathing skeleton in the mirror
Thinks she’s in control,
In charge of her Frankenstein ‘beauty’.


Where’s your soul?

A pair of teary eyes,
Watch me in the mirror,
Liquid salt of a dead girl,
Choked-up sins hither.

Maybe she knows.

But the limp corpses,
Decomposing behind her eyes,
Tell a different story;
One of silenced cries.

Too silenced.

She never listened
To what she’s killed.

Now a pair of hollow eyes,
Watch me in the mirror,
But I don’t think she can see;

Death’s claw,
Coil round my throat,
Until it’s red and raw,
Talons gouging deeper and deeper.

She’s tweezered and plucked and perfected

All her skeletal eyes can see now,
Is this defaced notion of beauty,


A pair of zombied eyes,
Watch me in the mirror,
Lost, brainwashed; dying,
A media-poisoned zone.

She looks at this breathing skeleton,
And only sees
The latest style;

A funeral dress of splintered bones.

- L. R. Arthur, 2012.

^^ That's me, by the way- in case you're wondering :L What were your thoughts? I'd love to know- please R&R, and thanks for reading :D

CosmicZombie xo
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