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You, the lost traveler on Thra, captured by the Garthims and brought to some starved Skeksis. And they are NOT hungry for little critters this time!

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-Ultima Mayu


"The Dark Crystal" is a trademark of the Jim Henson Productions. This is just an obsession I have had for lord knows how many years.

WARNING: Though it is a "Dark Crystal" fanfic. It is NOT for the little guys. A lot of blood, gore and even some human eating Skeksis in there. So read at your own risk, but NO COMPLAINTS!


One fine day, you go on a walk in the forest of a strange land. You feel a little nervous and wary, this is no typical forest, since everything seems to be alive and moving.

As you make your way through the swamp as if the marsh were quicksand, four black giant crustaceans with evil red eyes catch you and thinks of you as their target.

"Why are you guys looking at me like that?" you ask nervously. Suddenly, all four of these creatures hold you in place, pinning you down helplessly. "Oh god, let me go! Help, help, HEEEEEEEELP!"

It was no use, one of the creatures shows you the back of its claw and clobbers you over the head like it was a club. Suddenly, everything around yoacksacks out. These creatures drag your unconscious body across the swamplands, throughout the plains, through the mountains, leading to the entrance way of an evil palace in a desolate land.

These creatures enter the palace, meeting up with their masters as they drop your unconscious body onto the ground. Now the creaturesome ome as still as statues. One of these creatures, the "Skeksis", praises the Garthim for their nice catch.

"Good, Garthim." says the Garthim Master, licking his maw at the sight of your unconscious body. "This is a nice catch."

"SLAVES!" the Slave Master calls out to the zombie like slaves that were once simple folks called 'Podlings'. These 'slaves' all struggle to lift your body, since you are taller than they are, but with more and more being called out to the Slave Master Skeksis, they all manage to carry you off, following the skeksis.


"Mmmmmgh! Where am I?" you ask, slowly open your eyes. you see every Skeksis gathered around you, licking their maw in delight and salivating. They all start violently ripping your clothing off, grabbing your wrists and ankles at force and tie you up, hands tied behind your back. You try to struggle to get free, but it is no use. The Skeksis have tied you up too tight.

"Ack. Oh my god, LET ME GO!" you scream at the top of your lungs. But you were drowned out by the evil laughter of the Skeksis.

The Gourmand of the Skeksis shoves a pear into your mouth to silence you. "Silence human! Don't struggle, or you be stringy and tough." He laughs brightly. The Slave Master eyes you with his one red eye, his artificial arm pinching your naked flesh.

"Yes. Human taste better than Gelfling." He mutters, eyeing you like a scavenger bird. All the Skeksis orders the slaves to move the table near the stove, with YOU on it. Your stomach twists in knots nervously.

"Now, let us cut the human up!" the High Priest Skeksis shouts out impatiently. As he starts to reach for a long cutting blade, the Scientist Skeksis stops him, giving out a 'better' suggestion.

"No, wait." the Scientist retorts. "Before you cut from limb to limb. Let us have the human bleed. His(or Her) blood contains precious life essence that could be lost in cooking." All the Skeksis nod their heads, laughing wickedly with evil smiles on their distorted, dragonian faces.

"Good, now is the time!" the Priest shouts out as he started to drag the dagger through your soft flesh. You start to toss and sob uncontrollably, as the daggers cut the wrists, the ankles, behind the elbows and behind the knees. You see your own blood pouring out like the Angel falls.

"Yes......YES......!" The Priest shouts without mercy, enjoying the whole scene of slicing and dicing the dagger into your skin. His dagger sinks into you wrist even more, cutting your hands off. Then the dagger moves down to the elbows, cutting around their too, and finally, the shoulders disappear from your site (or what you could see). As the Priest skeksis moves down to your feet and amputate them, you manage to spit out the pear, screaming in agony.

"HAVE MERCY ON ME! HAVE MERCY ON ME!" You scream out, crying in great pain. But the Skeksis still laugh.

"And let us go hungry?" The Gourmand chides. "I DON'T THINK SO!"

"And how did that pear come?" T?" The feminine Designer Skeksis noticed. "You took a chunk and spit it out, huh?"

"Mmmm....LET ME GO!" You scream, ignoring the Designer's question. The Garthim Master slaps you across the face and makes you open your mouth.

"Mabye this will silence you!" he bellows, grabbing your tongue and starts to slash through it with a razor sharp knife. "There, now you may not complain and babble senselessly. That is so much like humans. They chatter!"

Great, now you lost your arms, lost your feet and now, YOU ARE COMPLETELY SILENT as the torture continues on. Now your knees are gone, and then your thighs. If that was not enough, the blade starts to make its way to your head. You start to bleed and sweat uncontrollably. Now there is no hope for you now!

The Garthim Master hovers over you, a scimitar blade hovering over your head. "Now, the final move!"

As you clench your teeth in terror, the blade comes right down onto you, separating the neck from the torso. You head now landed on the ground of this macabre kitcheene.ene.

"Ah, now this shall be a feast!" The Priest Skeksis says in relief, ogling over your mutilated body. The Podling slaves gather around, collecting your blood in vials and flasks, all for the Skeksis only. The special fresh blood reserved for the emperor only. Each of the Skeksis gather in greed over your body, fighting over which pieces thanteanted. The Designer grabs your head and admires your lovely face forever showing your horrible demise.

"Ah, what a beautiful face! You need to be stuffed and hanged on tall.all." The Designer laughs as your head was handed over to the Podling slaves to be stuffed in taxidermy style.

The other Skeksis still fight over your flesh, determining out of chaos on how you should be prepared.

"Slaves! Cook!" The Slave Master commanded the lowly Podling slaves. "It shall be feast time!"


And so the Skeksis await their meal. What is left of you is now food and decoration for the palace of the Skeksis. All the Skeksis start to feast in delight, enjoying your sweet flesh.

And so they devour the rest of you into the night, until they were all temporarily satisfied with your delicious taste and aroma, and live pride fully ever after.


For YOU anyways!
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