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A War Worth Losing

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"I refuse to pretend." A (failed) attempt at lyrics. Feedback greatly appreciated. :)

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A War Worth Losing

Bring it on, then,
You think you’re better when,
You put me down again,
Well done to you, friend.

Think you got it all,
I won’t let you see me fall,
I’ll stand proud and tall,
I never did care for cool.

I want to hear you scream,
Ruin your silly little dream,
But we used to be a team,
Why’re you making me so mean?

So you want a war?
I’ll give you something to fight for,
Know I won’t abide law,
You ought to know the score.

I’m who I’ll be,
You’ll never tame me,
You need to see,
I’m someone you’ll never be.

Good luck, friend,
I won’t fit your trend,
For nobody I’ll bend,
I refuse to pretend.

Okay, so you’ve won,
Think you’re brighter than the sun,
But listen when I say this, hon,
I’m the one who had the most fun.

A/N: What do you get when I listen to an unhealthy amount of All Time Low and Fall Out Boy non-stop for ten hours straight? A (failed) attempt at lyrics inspired by their awesomeness.

Please let me know what you think/how to improve! :)
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