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super mario - deep desire

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As Peach slowly rubs her hand over Mario’s chest as she leaned her head slowly towards his face with a smile. Peach’s other hand goes towards Mario’s trousers and pulling them down. His erection growing by the second as he notices the beautifully smooth breasts that Peach has. Mario reaches for one of them and begins to stroke them. Her breathing becoming heavier as he did and she began to groan with pleasure. “AHH-AHH Mario! get inside me now!” Peach whispered. Mario went into her, both of their eyes opened wide as a bolt of energy began to flow inside. Peach on top of Mario began to thrust back and forth throwing her head upwards towards the sky in ecstasy. Her groans grew larger and larger as the euphoria began to rise. Mario’s breathing became more intense and heat could be felt from his chest. The pleasure grew more tense and the heat rose then it exploded. The orgasm flooded their bodies with ore. Peaches eyes rolled back into deep depths and Mario groaned intensely. Peach felt something dripping from her pussy. It was Cum. Mario holding out his finger and dragged it across the creamy white liquid. Pulling it back, Mario stares into Peach.

“Come on Peach, I know you want to lick this.” Mario whispered. Peach did not resist and opened her glossy pink lips and her tongue rolls towards the top of the finger then sliding it downwards. She could taste the saltiness of the Cum. She loved it. She wanted more…

Suddenly, there was a big bang at the door. The sound was like a mass explosion. It was Bowser, who stood with three of his Goomba’s. He had his mouth opened wide with shock at what he saw. Peach had cum dripping from her pussy as she and Mario kneed upwards to face Him. She was also wet from the sex. Bowser was confused about what he should feel, he was horny from the site of what he was seeing but shocked by the surprise. He paused for a second before making a move. “mm…attack them!” Bowser stuttered. The Goombas moved quickly towards Mario and Peach. “Quick Mario take the fire flower in that chest” Peach shouted.

On the side of the bed was a golden chest which was open. Inside was a fire flower which seemed to glow bright red in the distance. Mario quickly ran to it and grabbed it in his hand. His pupils turned red and he could feel the power of the flower inside him. However, Mario was still half naked and decided to pull up his trousers before he fired any flameballs at the Goombas. He threw one. It missed at them as they began to dodge each of the flameballs which was targeting them.

Whilst this was happening, Bowser had sneaked towards the other side of the bed where Mario could not see. He quickly grabbed Peach round her waist and covered her mouth and nose with a cloth. He was using chloroform and she started to struggle. All of a sudden, Peach felt dizzy and everything began to fade to darkness. It felt relaxing though she knew what was happening. Her eyes rolled back once again, rolling towards the white of the eyes. She was still naked whilst she was been kidnapped but Bowser decided to dress her as he ran slowly towards the door. This covered the cum that was on her pussy, it disgraced him as it was Mario’s.

Mario was unaware of the situation and continued to battle against the Goombas, he now gave up with the firing and decided to jump on them. This proved more successful as he stomped two of them and eventually the last Goomba. He was drained of energy after the attack as he was having sex then this. It was too much for him and he flopped on to the bed afterwards. However, he began flooded with panic as he noticed something was different. He did not smell peach’s body or feel her. There was no one else on the bed. “Oh no, where’s Peach? BOWSER!”Mario shouted with rage. He suddenly realised the situation and ran with a new bolt of energy towards the door. He rushed down the stairs towards the gate of the castle where he saw a giant ship. It was Bowser’s flying boat which was enormous and made purely out of woods. Mario tried to chase after it but the ship moved further and further away. “Fucking-Shits Browser! I will get you later,” Mario raged.

He took out a star shaped pill from his pocket and swallowed it. Mario couldn’t take the stress of his princess been taken and took the drug. It quickly hit him. He saw wild colours and he giggled continuously. He was full of energy and quickly ran after the ship. In his view of vision, there was hallucinations of Peach naked whispering “Come on Mario, come for me.” This motivated him for the rescue, he was also still clear of what lie ahead. He could see everything around him clearly but there was blurs with movement. Its a drug fuelled experience which he uses to keep his nervous away. An escape of reality. He still smiled as he ran, it made him euphoric. Once he encountered a Goomba, he just wildly jumped on top of it and laughed. The hallucinations followed with him and helping him with every move. Although, there were a few side effects which was both desirable and an annoyance. Mario felt horny. This slowed him down but he liked it. Time also flowed quicker and what felt like hours became minutes. By now Mario had arrived at the dark castle where the ship docks were at. He could just about see Bowser taking Peach who was unconscious into the entrance of the castle. Mario was still in laugher and happiness though the drugs though he felt rage deep inside of him.

Meanwhile, Bowser had taken Princess Peach to his own room which was a cellar that was the size of a library. It had framed images of Peach on the wall. Many stolen from the city hall in the Mushroom Kingdom. There were chains on the bed which he slept on. He rushes towards the bed and chains her hands to them. He could feel an erection as he put her flat on the mattress. Her eyes started to open. “…wwwhere am I?” Peach slurred as she began to gain consciousness. Bowser didn’t reply but began to slowly touch her body and passionately stroke her. Peach looked up and saw Bowser, she started to scream. “MARIO! MARIO! Where are you, I don’t want to end up fucking Bowser!” She screamed. Bowser again didn’t respond, he was enjoying the pleasure of looking at her body. His mind filled with sexual fantasies of anal sex and foreplay with her.

Bowser suddenly took his finger and inserted it inside of her. Peach stopped for a moment and felt a tingling feeling which was intense and it quickly grew into euphoria but it wasn’t as intense as Mario’s skills. She liked it though and felt guilty. “Should I be doing this?” She thought. It also hit her that Mario was behind them as he had followed the ship. She was lost in the situation. However, she is overpowered by the deep desire of the pleasure that flows inside her and carries on. Her breathing deepens and her hands gripping the mattress whilst she groans in ecstasy. “ do..ahh?” Peach whispering with desire. She was seduced by sex and the orgasmic energy that was flowing in her. “You like this don’t you princess?” Bowser speaks. Peach stays in slience. She didn’t want to say anything. She was in guilt. Although she carried on, the groans grew larger and larger. However, she couldn’t stop thinking about Mario. Bowser took out his finger from inside her and inserted himself into her. This time, Peach felt pleasure but it also felt mindless and empty. She could not control herself. She was under the control of Bowser.

“Fuck me, Fuck me hard!” Peach screamed. She didn’t want to say these words but they just came out of her mouth. Her mind was blank with the exception of Mario which was strong inside her. In spite of this, she could feel the deep breathing and the groans that came out of her. She felt little of the euphoria which should be there. She was under the influence of Bowser himself. BOOM! BANG! There was noises coming from outside of the room then CRASH! A blue and red dressed figure appeared. It was Mario.

“Damn you again! I will show you!” Browser shouted. Mario rans towards Bowser whilst still smiling and he was wet.

The drugs still flowed inside him and the horny side effects were still in place. He still saw peach whispering to him.

Mario jumps and slams his weight on to Bowser throwing him to the floor. Bowser falls to the ground and becoming unconscious. Peach feeling her mind flowing with energy again. She could see Mario in the distance and thoughts start to rush inside her head. “Let’s do it here!” she thought. She quickly rushed towards Mario. “Let’s fuck now!” She said. They were once again with each other and began the deep desires of sex in Bowser’s cellar.
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