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When Both Our Cars Collide

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Hello Lovelys.
I am back, witt a brand new story. Yes i shall still be writing 'Be My Saviour', But while in Hospital i came up with a brand new story. So here you go :3 Enjoy

"If you ever so much as step foot in this house again, you will be one sorry boy, do you here me?" Terry screamed into my face dropping me onto the path. I looked over at my mom. Her eyes held nothing but hate towards her only son. I looked away and nodded. He spat and me and walked into the house, taking my mother with him. I sat there for a few minutes thinking about where i could go. I couldnt to to my dads, he was away. My grandfather was to far away. I sighed in defeat getting to my feet. I walked slowly out my mothers drive way and headed for the park. I could sleep there for tonight. Tomorrow I would have to find somewhere else to sleep.

As i walked my mind wondered to times where it had just been my mom, my dad and I. Happier times in my life when I was a child, no worries, not a care in the world. I remember my 4th birthday like it was yesterday, the last birthday I ever had when we where all together as a family. My mom and dad had bought me a puppy, a golden laburdor. I had named him Slash after Gun'n'Roses lead guitarist. My dad had been so proud I had remembered his name let alone the band he was in. That birthday had been the best. I got a puppy, went to disney land, Met Micky Mouse and everything. I don't remember any other birthday after that. Nothing had even come close to it. My mom had tried of course. My dad attending all of my birthdays but there was always awkwardness and an uneasy feeling in the air. From the moment my mom and dad split up, my life went down hill from then. Evberyday was a struggle. Then she met Terry, I thought everything would be fine then. She was so happy and he was a nice guy. Untill he started to get a little heavy handed. Lashing out every now and again when I did something to piss him off. Then it was almost everyday, And now? He's turned my own mother against me. She hates me, Wishes me dead. She even raised her own hand to me today. And now I was kicked out for something that had nothing to do with me at all, well it did, but it's not like i can help it. I've had to live with his internal battle for years now. Asking my self is it right? Is it a sin? and finally i've come to the realiseion that well yes It is a sin, and No it's not right. But I can't change it. I can't do anything about it. Well I can do something about it. I can get rid of it for good and myself at the same time. It's the only thing I can do. Nobody will miss me, well maybe my dad but he'll get over it. My mom defently wont, I know that much.

I came to the Bridgh. Taking a deep breath, whiping the tears that had escaped my eyes without me knowing. I climbed up ontop of the wall and stood facing the water. I would drowned seeing as I couldn't swim, but it would only take a few minutes. I closed my eyes and thought about what I was going todo, The people I loved so much, My mom who no longer loved me anymore but that didn't mean I didn't love her. No I adored the bones of my mother. My dad, what a man he was. He had loved my mother with ever fiber of his body, but she just didn't love him anymore and he just couldn't stay in the house, even though i know it killed him to leave. He never remarried. He was a stronge beleiver in 'The one', He always said If you marry someone, its for life, weither the marrage lasts or not. You love only one person. I loved my dad with all my heart, and it pained me deeply knowing i'd have to leave him behind. But one day we'd be reunited and we can rock out in heaven. Sadly just not here on earth where it matters. My Grandfather swam through my mind. He was my number one Hero. Fuck all the rock stars and super heros. He was my one and only Hero. He used to call me Piccolo il Figlio di Dio. I never understood what he ment by it but it use to make me giggle every time he said it. I would miss me the most. He was always a huge part of my life.

Tears stung my eyes, begging to be relased. I cried on top of that wall, I cried for my Mom, my Dad and my Grandfather. I could here my Dad and Grandfathers pleased with me not to jump. Not to give in to my Mother and Terrys wishes, They begged me to hold on. Begging me not to end my life, that I would be happy one day that I would find my bellissimo angelo that would help me through my life, through the good and the bad.

My eyes where shut tight, the wind sweeping past me in a rush. I was so far into my mind that I never heard a car pull up, I never heard a frantic old lady talking to her grandson. Never felt the hand slowly go around me, pulling me to safty. The only thing I heard where the voices of my Father and Grandfather in my head. Then the voices faded, The wind stopped. Everything was slightnt. Then there was nothing. Only dark.

I know its short and I'm sorry. But I really hope you guys read this and review it. It would mean so much to me. If you guys don't like it, then please tell me. Nobody ever actually says that they don't like it, so please if you don't like it PLEASE SAY SO. x
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