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A calming presence

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Cats sleep anywhere, any table, any chair... (Fluff. Unspecified Doctor & companion.)

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A/N: Argh. Another plotbunny just when I have to get work done. Well, it seems I know what to do to get my creative juices flowing...

Originally published 18 August 2004.


They were safe here. With his cloak over him, and a thin blanket between himself and the flat stone, the Doctor nevertheless managed to look comfortable. He didn't sleep often, but he could sleep anywhere.

Still on edge, she remained awake; but he exuded tranquility, and watching him soothed her.

She curled up on her blanket, inside her coat. In his sleep, he rolled over, and draped his cloak over her. Exhaustion caught up with her; she drifted off with her head against his shoulder, listening to him purr...

She startled awake, and listened, but in actuality he was silent.


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