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This could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

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Gerard meets Frank and shows him round.

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A/N:Hey guiz, well, i'm going away for the weekend to a place with no. fucking. internet. I'm going to fucking die. Anyway, i decided to leave you with this little CRUCIAL filler and bid you ado, so like, ado and shit. ChemicalKilljoy won't be on either guys, shes coming with me, i am truly sorry for taking your writer away from you but i am not going to this place alone. Anyway, i hope you like this CRUCIAL filler chapter, so like Rate and Review? please? this is like the longest Authors Note ever and i should probably stop soon, oh i am sorry for any spelling mistakes in this, its 00:34am. I love you all, LatherTheFuckingBlood xo

I think ‘Dear diary’ is a little too girly so, hey bro. Well, I’ve decided to start using a bro book. (Again, Diary? No thanks) I’m basically just going to record my feelings and stuff that nobody else gives a shit about in here, prepare yourself. So Today, Mikey and I are getting a new roommate, can’t be that bad right? I mean, I bet he’s just as nervous as us. Sure, maybe not Mikey nervous, who by the way is currently pacing up and down the gap between our beds mumbling something along the lines of ‘shit shit shit shit shit shit shit’. You can’t blame the kid, our last roommate was a douche. He bullied Mikey and me ever since we got here, exactly one year and twenty eight days ago. He graduated, so everything was fine. Now we’re praying that the new guy isn’t some douchebag who will push us around and stuff, well, I better do something to calm younger one down. See ya in hell bro.
Gee xo

“Mikey, calm the fuck down, it’s not that big of a deal”

“Yes it is! What if he’s like Steve?”

“He won’t be, I bet he’ll be a really nice guy, now stop pacing and sit your ass down. I bet he’ll be here any minute”


Mikey slumped down next to me, making the biggest sigh I’ve ever heard. I try not to listen to his complaining much, sometimes he gets a little bitchy and just rambles on about how much he hates the assholes here. So I basically just get out my comics and flick through.
There was a faint knock at the door.

“Well, kid, this is it”

I rose from my bed and walked calmly over to the door, opening it so that I was behind it when it was fully open. A short boy, probably around my age stumbled through the door, clutching a small blue case. He has a black floppy Mohawk with the sides of his head shaved and dyed red. I must say, it made my hair look like a baboons ass. I suddenly found myself staring at this very attractive boy.

“Uhm..hi?” The small boy said, not really sure of where to place himself.

“Hey” I said, firmly closing the door.

“I’m Frank” he put out his hand infront of me, going in for a handshake. I took his hand in mine and shook, frantically. I’m pretty sure I nearly tore his arm out of the socket, but his hand was so soft.

“Woah, alright alright” he said in between giggles.

“I’m Gerard, and that unsociable twat is Mikey, my younger brother” I said, letting go of the hand I had been holding for slightly too long.

Mikey mumbled a ‘hi’ and returned to looking at the floor which seemed to have become a lot more interesting since Frank appeared. I showed Frank around the tiny room, basically, I showed him the walls. His bed was right next to mine. Bonus.

I showed him into the bathroom where he would shower and things, yes. Shower with me, hehehe.

I’m kidding, I’m not a slut.

“Pretty rad place you have here” Frank said, looking at the posters next to Mikey’s bed.

“Yeah, you like Misfits?” I asked, if he doesn’t, he’s out.

“Yeah, they’re like, the fucking shiz” he replied, plonking himself down on his new bed.

“Fuck, this is so uncomfortable”

“Get used to it man, it’s shit here. Hey, want me to show you round campus?” I asked, sitting up fully and turning to face him.

“Yeah, that’d be great!” he replied, such excitement in his voice, that would soon change after maybe like four hours here?

“You coming Mikes?” I asked the ball of shyness across from me.

“Uhh, nah I’ll just chill here” he replied, tapping his pockets looking for his cellular device.

With that, we set off. Out the door and into hell.

“Right, first stop we have the dorms. Harchdale house, that’s ours. Roland house and Xavier house. Don’t ask, the names are stupid” I said as we past the multi-coloured buildings, one being red, blue and green.

“Wasn’t gonna ask anyway” he replied, a smirk across his face.

“Here we have the main building, basically, all your lessons will be in here, you eat in here and sometimes, you piss in here. Headmaster’s office is on the top floor, so he can perve on all us kids” I said, laughing at the end.

“He ain’t really a paedophile is he?” Frank questioned, looking a little worried.

“Nah don’t worry, it’s just a joke” I replied.

“Here we have the music block, my safe haven, no jocks ever come round here, so basically, make it round here, you’re safe”

“Nice, I like music, I play guitar. My mom says she’ll bring mine up this weekend!” Frank said cheerily as we passed the music block, I had so many memories with that place.

“I really can’t be fucked showing you the rest, but if you go round there the art and phys ed block are there, do NOT mix the two up, you will die a slow painful death” I said, turning around, pulling Frank along with me.

“Thanks for the tips and shit, uhm.. wanna hang out?” Frank asked me, I think I’ve made a new friend.

Or fuck buddy, who knows.

“I’d love too” I smiled, this is the start of a beautiful friendship.
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