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Episode Five

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By KelseyChem

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I am but your puppet, no ?
A toy,
A game,
But how treasured was I,
When the shine of new and paint gleamed upon my cheeks !
Loved like no other,
The star of the show !
And would I not do anything for you ?
Gladly did I dance,
And sing,
And play.
Mother knows best,
After all.

But tighten the strings a touch,
And I ache for loosening.
But darling, little, me musn't argue.
So I dance !
And sing,
And play...
The lacquer losing luster upon my cheeks each day.

Alas, the time has come..
Every ickle birdie must flee the nest some day, no ?
How silly was I to think myself a bird.
Chained by thin as thread,
Sharp as glass,
Puppet strings I stay.
Some would say against my will,
But one cannot oppose that which they do not possess,
No !
I must dance,
And sing,
And play ! 
Chipping colour crumbles cascading my cheeks...

And how utterly dissapointing was I !
The faded toy all a-shattered and a-cracked.
No longer could I dance,
And sing,
And play.
I suppose I wasn't worth fixing either.
So tossed into the dusty corner, I was.
But not without a few tossings 'round the room first.
If it's already busted,
You may as well break it more...
And now I lay, 
Forgotten by all,
Forgotten by all...
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