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"There's something about the feel of a pulse under warm skin that easily can drive any of us mad." Joncer.

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"Where do you think we should go tonight?" Ryan fell onto my bed, staring up at the ceiling with a small smile on his face.
"Don't know. Is there something you want to do?" He looked at me his grin growing.
"The carnival is in town. I was thinking we could go and eat and then play some games and ride some of the rides." I smiled back at him. Despite the fact that Ryan is technically eighteen, he acts more like a five-year-old. Andy says that it's because he didn't have a good childhood and is making up for it now. If that were true, he would have been over it years ago. I think he has a split personality, he acts like a child when we're at home, but whenever we go out he acts just like everyone else in our 'family.'
"All right, we'll go to the pier tonight." He turned his head back up at the ceiling, smirking to himself. I looked back down at the book I had been reading before he came in.
"Gabe can come too, right?" I looked up at him, watching his honey eyes sparkle in the candlelight.
"You have got to be kidding me." He shook his head no.
"I like Gabe, I think he's a bit of a free spirit." I laughed a little. It wasn't that I didn't like Gabe, he just…didn't know how to hold his tongue when he needed to most. He definitely was a 'free spirit.' "Awh, come on Jon, you scared of a little partying?" I scoffed.
"We'll leave in an hour, okay?" He nodded and left my room so I could get dressed.
I took my sweet time getting dressed; pulling on an old torn up pair of jeans that had more holes to count, and a black concert tee that had to be around twenty years old at this point. Which is kind of funny, because I remember going to that concert with Ryan like it was only a month ago. I carded my fingers through my hair in an attempt to make it at least slightly less unruly before walking out of the room and going up the stairs from the basement to the kitchen, where everyone else sat around the table in their respected places.
Pete and Patrick we're talking about a map they had in front of them, different pins and circles covering it. Gabe had his feet on the table, drinking a beer as he talked to Ryan and Joe, Ryan drinking whatever concoction Patrick had come up with while Joe munched on a apple. I moved to get some of whatever it is that Ryan was having, looking over at Joe who was fading out of the conversation to talk to me instead.
"Where's Andy?" I poured myself a drink, sitting down next to Joe and Pete. Joe shrugged.
"Think he's still asleep. No one's gone up to bother him yet. Speaking of, you guys are leaving awfully early today. Got big plans?" I almost laughed.
"Ryan wants to go to the carnival." I smelled the drink I was supposed to take like medicine, automatically cringing.
"That's hardly surprising." Joe was laughing at me; laughing at what I was saying, laughing at my response to the revolting smell, and laughing at the fact that I was drinking it anyway.
"Here, you look like you need a drink." Gabe passed me his beer and I took it gratefully, tipping it in his direction as a thank you before downing what was left inside. Ryan stood, knocking back Gabe's chair so he would fall to the ground. Everyone but Pete and Patrick laughed.
I got up, putting on my boots as Ryan and Gabe did the same. I knew what it was like for people to see us; three guys dressed in tattered clothes with black boots and leather jackets riding motorcycles everywhere but only at night, we had to be the bad guys. The ones that give their children drugs and rape women. What's really funny, is the fact that we're the opposite of that. We're the ones who stop the wrong doings, and try to get this kidnapping capitol down to only crazy humans killing humans.
The three of us left without saying a word to the others, something that was common enough to happen everyday. It was a beautiful night; the moon hanging low in the slightly cloudy sky, the little balls of fire sparkling in a curtain of black. It had rained earlier, the streets damp from the water, tree leaves shining when the light caught the droplets just right.
And Ryan wanted to go to a carnival where these little things couldn't be noticed and enjoyed.
The lights of the carnival painted the pavement and sky with color, the pier busy with people playing games and riding the rides. We parked our bikes and I looked at Ryan. His eyes were sparkling and he had a wide smile. His eyes caught mine and he beamed at me.
"I want to go on the ferris-wheel." Gabe linked his arms with Ryan, who talked excitedly. "Will you pay for the ride? Please Jon?" I almost laughed. That was one of the reasons why I had been dragged out here, to pay for the things they couldn't. I searched my pockets for money, pulling out two crumpled twenties. Gabe and Ryan were both smiling at me, but neither were trustworthy.
"You know what I want? I want some funnel cake." Gabe said with a large grin. I handed him the money.
"That's what you get. Don't come find me if you lose it. And don't you dare lose Ryan." I started to walk away, moving towards the bars that lined the beach instead of the damn carnival with it's flashing lights and screaming children.
"Where are you going?" Ryan asked desperately, stopping me momentarily.
"I'm just going to go get movies and cigarettes. I'll be back before closing, don't worry." He nodded. I walked away. He knew that what I had said was a lie, but he didn't call me on it, just like always.
The bar was a shabby dark place with only two other people in it, one sitting at the bar, the other slumped in a booth. I asked for a beer, going to the back of the bar to sit alone. It had been like this for years. Just wanting to get away from what I was, who I had become. It's odd, how easy it is to become lifeless while still being alive. Humans do it often. Pete says that when he was a human he was hardly living, but even now I think that he's still just as dead inside as he was then.
I pulled out a pack of cigarettes, acing one between my lips before digging for a lighter. Ryan and I used to do this before the change. We would go to concerts and bars and clubs and he would hit on whoever he thought was attractive and I would get in fights. But that was in the past, and now... It doesn't matter.
"You can't smoke in here." I looked up at the bartender who was glaring at me.
"And why not?" I snapped back. It's a fucking smoke, it's not like I'm lighting the building on fire.
"It's against policy. If you smoke, I'll kick you out." The two sorry souls who were in the bar with their hanging heads had their beady eyes on me. I slid out of the booth, placing a few bucks to pay for my drink before leaving the bar.
I looked around the outside, searching for a light since mine had gone missing. Most places were closed, making everything harder. There was a figure against the brick wall of the bar, sitting on the wet pavement of a deserted alley way. It was a kid, probably sixteen or seventeen, his hair damp and matted to his face with a bag by his side. Probably a run away, but he could have been kicked out.
"Hey kid, you got a light?" I could hear his pulse quicken as he shifted a little, and the only thing I could think was that no one was around. No one would notice. And even if I didn't, he would get caught by one of William's men. I could, because either way he would end up dead by the end of the night.
He handed me a book of matches and I lit my cigarette, handing them back to him. "You want a smoke?" He shook his head no, looking down at the shiny black pavement. I could do it, and no one would know.
"Do you have any family?" He whispered another no. "Friends?" Another no. I swallowed, closing my eyes, hearing his heart pound as it pushed the blood through his body. "So, you're completely alone?" He looked up at me, the first time since I had noticed him.
"Yes." I almost dropped my cigarette when I saw his eyes; they were a striking blue. The color of the night fading at sunrise, the ocean during a storm. I slid down the brick wall I had been leaning against, sitting on the damp pavement next to him.
"Nowhere to go?" He nodded. His face was badly bruised, blood matting some of his brown hair to his forehead. I thought about him getting caught by William's men, the thought that someone would take the life out of those bright blues making me sick. Beautiful things should be cherished, not destroyed. I stood. "Come with me." He looked at me, brows furrowing, as he worried on his busted bottom lip.
"Sorry?" I almost laughed, extending a hand for him to take.
"You don't have any place to go, I could give you a place. Lots of people go missing out here, you know." He continued to stare at me, making me sigh. "Come on, what do you have to lose?" He looked at my hand for a moment before taking it, allowing me to pull him up. His hand was warm, soft. I could feel his pulse beneath his skin, making it hard to resist to just give in to temptation. I quickly dropped his hand, shoving my hands in my pockets. "So what's your name kid?"
"Spencer." I smiled to myself.
"Well Spencer, my name's Jon. Can I buy you a drink." He gave a scared look.
"I'm too young to drink." I laughed, walking towards the pier. He followed close behind.


I decided to write this for a certain reader that I'm sure can figure out that it's for them.
Anyway, it may seem tame now, but there's probably going to end up being some NC-17 chapters in the future, just as a little warning. And yeah, it is going to be a vampire fic, hope that isn't a disappointment to anyone.
On another note, I'm guessing some people are confused, but don't worry, it'll have some explanations in future chapters.
Hope you like it.
-xoxo Pansy.
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