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Kiss of Death

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Darkness ate at the corners of Kobra's vision and he could feel his heart slowing, slowing... stopping.

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Kiss of Death

Fun Ghoul’s eyes slowly opened and he frowned. Where was he? What was this place? Muffled sounds attacked his eardrums and he groaned, his shirt felt cold and sticky. His fingertips were tingling as were his feet and he flexed them warily, blinking his sore eyes as he did so. His mind was heavy and slow and his heart fluttered like a tiny bird.

Suddenly, a sharp bang ripped through his ears and tore his brain to shreds as it ricochet around his skull. He yowled and grabbed at his head cursing blindly when something made him freeze. He brought his arm out in front of him, studying the large splodges and smears of crimson with a bemused look on his face before sighing and dropping it back to his side before slowly lifting his head.


The shout was loud and shrill- a panicked cry. Fun frowned again at the call of his name and through the clouds of billowed sand he could make out two men. They were both slack in stance, hands raised and footsteps small as they backed off from the dark shape crawling on all fours towards them. The taller of the two- a man with long dark curly hair- was looking straight at Fun, the look in his eyes was an obvious plea- ‘Help’.

Fun watched a moment longer, entranced by the creature’s slow, deliberate moves; the way its claws raked the dust and how its muscles rippled with each step. He stiffly heaved himself up into a sitting position, eyes fixated. The monster lunged gracefully and the second man with a shock of red hair dodged clumsily, tripping over his own feet and crashing to the ground with a yelp. It prowled closer to the red haired man, growling deeply. The man shot Fun an imploring look.

But Fun had no clue what to do.


Using her teeth, Shockwave tugged at the rope that bound her wrists together. Kobra had abandoned her most rudely, but she didn’t care about that anymore. She glanced up and saw Party lying on the ground, grasping his plastered hand in pain. Jet Star was trying to reach him, but the Draculoid had him preoccupied. This time, the blackened talons barely missed his face. She gnawed at the rope again, growling under her breath, “Come on you piece of crap...”

She felt the tension in the knot loosen and almost screamed in relief. The fibres of rope scraped her lips dry and her teeth throbbed, but with one final tug the binds fell and she was free. The celebration of her victory however, would have to come later. The Draculoid was closing in; Jet and Party were now pinned down side by side, struggling under the beast’s unnatural strength. She watched in horror as it tipped its head back, opening its mouth. Its jaw dislocated with a loud crack to make room for the rows of fangs that elongated into tusks as long as her arm and it roared in triumph. All of Shockwave’s instincts cried at her to run far away and leave the men to their inevitable fate and, for a moment, she was tempted; cowardice almost seemed a noble thing to do. But before her feet could even move, loyalty overwhelmed her. She was responsible for this- after all, she had ratted them out to Korse; she owed it to Party.
Before the doubt could set in again Shockwave charged, howling a war cry at the top of her lungs. The Drac turned, briefly surprised before her boot connected with its cheek. It fell and rolled sideways, nimbly landing in a cat-like crouch, then glared at her and hissed angrily. She looked down swiftly, noticing the large rock at her feet and- not once breaking the eye contact- dipped down and grabbed it. The Drac paced, its eyes seething with hatred and fangs slick with saliva. She heard someone get up from behind her, “Run!” She called to them.

“Shockwave no, we’re not gonna leave you-“She heard Jet wheeze, there was a groan as Party tried to agree.

“It wasn’t a question,” She replied, bouncing the rock slightly in her palm, “Now run!”

“No! I’m not-“

Anger flared in her stomach and, unintentionally, she spun around to face the two Killjoys, “I
SAID RUN!!!!!” She roared. The men gawped at her, “MOVE!” They stared some more, “Can you even HEAR me? I said RUN!”

Party raised his none injured arm up to point behind her, “Too late to run...”

There was a spine chilling roar and Shockwave’s heart stopped as she realised what she had done.

She had broken eye contact.

Something hard smacked her in the back and she hit the floor hard. There was no time to get up; the Draculoid was already upon her, a heavy shovel-like hand crushing her chest. She gasped for air and tried to scream but no noise could bear to tear itself from her throat. The Draculoid opened its jaw, baring the serrated and gnarled tusks and making her gag as the stench of rotten meat blasted in her face. It lunged, diving for her face, but her body jumped ahead of her mind. In one swift movement, Shockwave rammed the rock sideways in its mouth. The monster choked and fell back, slamming her sideways as it went wild. It shook its head side to side with such power that she was shocked its neck did not break. Party and Jet stood, frozen to the floor and their faces pale. She quickly got to her feet and almost crashed down again as a deadly handful of black claws sliced the air. She staggered back, just able to keep her balance. The Draculoid had given up trying to free its mouth and had settled on slashing its prey to ribbons. A mixture of saliva and blood drooled from its mouth in large watery blobs as it lashed out again, blocking Party’s attempt to save the teenage girl. Shockwave ducked and weaved left and right, in a desperate attempt to get away. Jet and Party couldn’t even get close lest they be sliced in half. The Drac swung again, low this time and Shockwave leapt over it but landed awkwardly, twisting her ankle. She cried out, toppling back into the dust once more. The Drac loomed over her and she closed her eyes; game over. Her heart pounded in her chest and tears burned her eyes. She didn’t want to die, not now. There was a roar and she flinched, screwing her eyelids shut even tighter and, despite trying to be brave, she screamed.

But there was no more roaring, no claws ripping out her insides, no blood spurting from her skewered heart.

Just silence.

She opened one eye and yelped upon seeing the Drac standing in front of her. It was going to kill her, to eat her innards and use her skin as a...

She opened both eyes.

The Drac wasn’t moving.

She frowned and suddenly became aware of something warm pitter pattering on her stomach. She looked down to see a long, sharp object protruding out of the Draculoid’s chest.

A sword.

Hands grabbed at her shoulders and she felt herself being hauled up onto her feet. They released their grip and Shockwave stood awkwardly in an attempt to keep the weight off her already swollen ankle. She saw Jet move to bend down slightly in front of her, “Are you okay?”
She nodded shakily, shuffling on her good foot, “Party, help her stand.”

An arm wrapped around her small waist and she leaned onto Party, uncaring that her dead weight was probably crushing him. There was a thud and she saw the Drac slide off the blade and onto the ground. Her eyes followed the sword up to a hand, an arm and finally onto the trembling form that was Fun Ghoul.

Fun’s hair was plastered to his face with sweat and blood, his skin was pale and his shirt torn with ragged and bloody tears. Long, thin lines of red raked his arms and some of his neck and small beads of blood pooled their on his skin. His eyes were distant and he had gripped the sword so tight that his knuckles were white. He smiled weakly, “I did it...” He laughed.

Then his eyes rolled back and he hit the ground in a dead faint.


(Two days later)

Kobra sat, curled up in the corner of the cell. His hands and feet were no longer bound but a steel band of metal cuffed to his leg and the corner of the room remained a constant reminder that he was in fact a prisoner. A tray of food sat untouched and cold near the door- he didn’t feel like eating. The death sentence had been agreed on; Kobra would die at dawn at a public shooting that would be broadcasted on both television and radio. But what hurt most was the fact that he would not have a Scarecrow shooting squad.

Haru Simians would be his executioner.

He sighed forlornly and curled up into an even tighter ball, ignoring the knocking at the door. It was only Korse come to torture him some more- just like it had been every other night. The bruise under his right eye still throbbed dully from last night.


His head snapped up to look at the door. That wasn’t Korse’s voice. It sounded more like-
No. He wouldn’t get his hopes up, they would only come crashing down around him again, and this time he didn’t think he could manage to pick the pieces up. The door hissed as it opened and a woman dressed in a black silk dress stepped into the room. High heels adorned her narrow feet and her raven black hair fell in tousled ringlets. Her amber eyes were wide and framed by smoky makeup and her lips were full and red, “Kobra...” She smiled.

Kobra scowled at her; who the hell was this woman? “What do you want?” He muttered, but he was unable to tear his gaze away from the beautiful woman standing in the doorway.

“It’s me,” She said, looking hurt, “its Haru.”

Kobra’s heart hammered a little harder but he wouldn’t be seen a fool so quickly, “Go away, you’re just some trick to try and destroy me. Nice try Korse!” He called looking out through the doorway, searching for him, “I won’t break that easily!”

The woman who claimed to be Haru shut the door, “He’s not out there,” She said stepping towards Kobra, “I came alone... To see you.” Kobra raised a questioning eyebrow.

“I’m here because I’m getting married tomorrow after... after I have killed you.”

Kobra’s heart twisted but he tried to sound as hostile as he could to the imposter, “So why are you here? Why bother me?”

“Because I couldn’t go without giving you something,”

“What is it?”

The woman walked over to him, light and graceful on her feet with something in the palm of her hand. She knelt before him and took his wrist, “Here,” She whispered, sounding as if she was on the brink of tears, “I thought you might want it back.”

Kobra gripped the cold object in his hand and looked at her, suddenly noticing how close to his face she was. She leaned in and, despite it not being the real Haru, Kobra allowed her lips to brush against his. He reached up and stroked a piece of her soft wavy hair. He tilted his head slightly and their lips met again, her breath was hot and sweet and, even though he had not washed for a few days, she kissed him back with the same amount of passion he gave. Her arms snaked around his neck, as did his around her middle. She pulled away, amber eyes locking on his hazel ones, “I’m not stupid enough to fall for the ‘Tablets in your meal’ trick.” She whispered, kissing his cheek lightly.

Kobra stared, it was her. It had to be her, surely? “H-Haru?” He breathed, but she had already got to her feet and started walking to the door.

“I have to go now,” She said and, as if on cue, there was a faint call of her name from outside in one of the corridors, “Keep the locket hidden and only open it when you are sure no prying eyes are going to see.”

Kobra nodded, his cheeks reddening- he had kissed Haru Simians, the Exterminator responsible for hundreds of Killjoy deaths across the Wastelands... and he’d liked it.

She rubbed the smudged lipstick until it was neat once more before tapping the door. It hissed as it unlocked and she grabbed the handle, “You’re a good kisser,” She grinned, “For a Killjoy.” Kobra’s blush deepened and she laughed softly, “I’ll see you later, Kobra.” She trotted out of the room, the door locking behind her as Kobra stared after her in disbelief, his lips still tingling with an Exterminator’s kiss. It would have been romantic had the tingling not turned to a burning sensation that coursed his mouth and throat. He rubbed the lipstick from his lips but to no avail, the burning only intensified and he fell on the floor writhing and crying out in pain. There were loud voices at the door that burst into the room, the cries for a medic.

The fire inside Kobra was replaced by ice; a cold sensation that danced along his bones, slithered in his veins and wove around his heart in a tight grip. He had been betrayed, Haru had poisoned him. He could smell the last remnants of the balm on his lips. The faintest trace of almonds- definitely a poison.

Darkness ate at the corners of his vision and he could feel his heart slowing, slowing... stopping.

Ba-bump ba-bump... ba-bump... ba-bump... ba... bump...... ba...... bump...... ba................ bump....

The dark swept over all he could see and his last breath sighed from his lungs. He managed to conjure up an image of the Exterminator he thought had changed with the last of his strength.

Party was right, He thought bitterly, I should never have trusted you.

Okay, I KNOW I haven't updated in AGES but I had severe writers block. Seriously, I didn't even know how to start the chapter off, but I hope this was worth the wait and I must stress:
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