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Chapter Four

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“Stupid rat…so not worth the money…no more freaking pets I swear…” I muttered a week later to absolutely no one as I walked down the street with Miri in tow. I was meeting Kay at a café to chat during my lunch break. The damn dog’s bite marks still showed on my arm and had me pissed. Jeremy had left yesterday to go back to Boston but we had promised to keep in touch.

I walked onto the café’s balcony as Kay waved me over. I sat down but immediately picked Joey up and cradled him. Oddly enough, I had missed him in the few days since he was born. Kay was advised to rest but she had never been that kind of person.

“Hello beautiful boy.” I cooed to the bundle in my arms as he smiled up at me. “How are you doing Kay?” I asked.

She waved her hand dismissively. “I’m just fine Soph. I’ve heard enough from Seth, don’t you start on me too.”

“Alright then. When are you coming back to work?” I asked. Kay didn’t have a degree in Art like I did but she was a natural and I relied on her at the shop. Hey, if she said she was just fine…

“Next week I’ll be back so long as I can bring Joey along,”

“Of course. I’m meeting with a woman later on today to discuss her plans for her wedding!” I said excitedly. I loved photographing weddings. So long as the photographers remained inconspicuous, the photos remained natural and beautiful.

Kay grinned, she enjoyed weddings too. “Awesome! When is the wedding?”

“Two months from now. May 18th I believe.” I answered just as the waiter came up to us. I squirmed a bit uncomfortably as he stared down my shirt. Kay noticed and snapped her fingers in his face. “Hey! Keep your filthy looks to yourself and take our orders.”

He blushed and muttered an apology, nearly sprinting towards the kitchen after we ordered.

“Jesus Christ guys can be pigs.” Kay muttered under her breath. “Oh! Sophie! You know how we’re best friends and best friends do each other huge favors and-“

I cut her off. “Just spill it Kay. You never ramble so this must be big.” She blushed.

“Fine. So… there’s this concert… and I really want… Iwanttogopleasecomewithme!” She blurted out.

I just stared at her. Since when did Kay get so nervous over a concert I wondered. “Hmmm. I don’t know Kay. Who and when?” I asked just to torture her knowing all along that I would do anything for the girl.

“Oh please Sophie! It’s Cobra Starship, in two weeks, in Rhode Island. I have already arranged for Joey to stay with my parents.” She said hopefully.

“They are going to Rhode Island but not New York?” I asked skeptically.

“Well I heard about the concert last minute and they were in New York a few days ago.” She grumbled. “But hey! This just gives us an excuse to have that road trip we had planned out, remember?” She was nearly bouncing in her chair at this point.

Oh I remembered alright. I remember my road trip being put off for Seth. Stupid Seth.

“Yeah alright but why are you acting like this? You’re scaring Joey and Miri looking like a monkey on crack.” I sent her an odd look but she just rolled her eyes.

“It’s Cobra Starship, Sophie. I’ve been waiting for this for so long and I scored us backstage passes! Do you have any idea what that means?” When I gave her an incredulous look she sighed and continued. “This means we are meeting the members.!”

“Okay… so? We’ve met bands before. What’s the difference?”

“Oh my God Sophie. What’s special is the fact that I’ve been fantasizing over these guys for years. I mean, I love Seth and all but if we weren’t together… I swear…” She trailed off obviously playing out one of her fantasies.

“Ew gross Kay. Quit it, I’ll go with if you get that look off of your face.” She squealed and nodded her head vigorously, agreeing with my stipulation.

“We haven’t had a girl talk in a while Soph. How’s the love life?”

I scoffed, yet again. “What is it with you and Jeremy? There is no love life, remember? I’m ‘abrasive and unapproachable’”. I spat, putting air quotes around the words my last therapist used to describe me. Needless to say, I didn’t see her again after that.

“Aww come on! You’re trying to tell me nothing has happened? You’ve seen no one that tickled your fancy?” Kay asked me curiously.

My nose wrinkled up at her choice of words. “Who the hell says ‘tickled your fancy’ anymore Kay?”

“Stop trying to change the damn subject and answer me.” She demanded, rolling her eyes. I was about to repeat my earlier statement regarding my boring social life until I remembered the doctor from earlier in the week who had come into the shop with his grandmother.

“Well, this guy came into Black Ink and gave me his number.”

“Was he hot?”

“Yeah I guess so. Definitely wasn’t ugly.” I responded without much emotion.

“So what did you guys talk about?” I gave her a confused look. “Huh?”

“When you called him, what di-… oh my God you didn’t even call him did you?” She asked, seeming almost disappointed.

“Noooo.” I replied dragging the word out a bit for effect. “Why would I call him? He’s just some random guy who came in with his grandmother.”

“Oh I don’t know, maybe because you haven’t been on a date in forever! C’mon Soph! Give the poor guy a chance!”

I sighed, giving in, already knowing she wouldn’t let up until I agreed to call him. “Fine Kay. I’ll call him. I’m not promising anything else though.”

She clapped, happy that I was emerging from my ‘dungeon’ as she so aptly called my apartment. Apparently I didn’t get out enough for her satisfaction.

Our food came and we talked for the next hour about the shop, Joey, and of course, the concert. At about one-thirty I parted with Kay and began my walk back to Black Ink to prepare to meet the woman whose wedding I would be photographing.

Her name was Sarah Norwood and from what I could tell, fairly wealthy. She was marrying a man she met over the internet at a beautiful Japanese Garden in upstate New York. She was more than willing to pay a travel fee, which was hefty, leading me to conclude that money didn’t matter too much.

I had been talking to her a bit for the past week discussing the wedding and preparing a contract for her. Today, in about thirty minutes, we were set to meet at her house to finalize everything.

Leaving Miri with Nat and Kym, I set off towards Sarah’s house. As I followed her directions, my suspicions were confirmed; she was wealthy, very wealthy. I groaned internally, praying she wouldn’t be a snobby bridezilla. She had seemed nice enough over the phone so I relaxed slightly.

My jaw dropped once I reached the gate to her house, well mansion. It was made entirely of stone with vines climbing entirely up one side. Four stories were visible along with a tennis court and a fountain as large as my kitchen. In short, it was magnificent. I stepped out of my car and made my way up to the door. Before I even had a chance to knock on the door, it swung open revealing a slender girl grinning ear to ear. She was only about five foot with short strawberry red hair and hazel eyes. She was petite but very pretty.

I smiled at her about to introduce myself when she launched herself, giving a quick, tight hug. “You must be Sophie!” She exclaimed. ‘Well it would certainly be awkward right now if I wasn’t’ I thought. “It’s so nice to meet you! Come in come in.” She went on, ushering me inside.

The inside was just as impressive as the outside. The décor was all modern yet modest. She didn’t have million dollar chandeliers or butlers waiting on us. She seemed just as modest wearing track pants and a tee shirt. I barely even had time to nod before she had seized my hand and was dragging me towards what I assumed to be the living area.

“Yes, I am Sophie. I’m really hoping you are Sarah, otherwise I’d feel a bit awkward” I said with a smile. She laughed and agreed. We sat down and she began describing her wedding, giving me each and every detail I would need. Her fiancée entered the room briefly but stepped out after a quick greeting, claiming to have work to finish.

“Sophie may I ask a favor of you?” She asked hesitantly. I gave a small nod, encouraging her to continue. “This is going to be a very intimate wedding, only my closest friends and family. I would like you and the other photographers to look and feel as comfortable as possible. Would you please dress formally and eat with the guests?” I was surprised. Most clients asked us to simply make ourselves scarce while they ate and we normally dressed in pant suits.

“I would love to, thank you so much Sarah.” I replied honestly. I was thankful; she had been insanely welcoming and humble. I could tell already that we would grow to be good friends. She grinned and launched into an hour long conversation about meeting her fiancée, Aaron, online, how he proposed, and what their plans for the future were. Normally, this unnecessary dialogue would irritate me, but I found myself enjoying her company. We made plans to get coffee in the next week and I left her mansion with a genuine smile on my face.

Tired and done with my work for the day, I hurried back to the studio, picked up Miri, locked up, and headed home.

Flopping down on my queen sized bed, I searched my wallet for the attractive doctor’s phone number. ‘What was his name?’ I though as I fumbled around my purse, finally seizing the small piece of paper he had left me. “Jason! That’s right.” I mumbled out loud but only to myself, dialing his number and praying that it was real so I didn’t end up looking like a complete moron.

“Hello?” He answered, sounding winded.

“Hi Jason? This is Sophie… the photographer.” I said hoping he would remember.

“Oh yeah! Hi Sophie, I’m glad you called. I didn’t think you actually would.”

“Right… umm… sorry about that. I suddenly got super busy and… well yeah. Sorry.” I stammered, mentally smacking myself for being so damn awkward.

“That’s alright. Do you have any plans Friday night?” He asked, sounding hopeful.

“No, I don’t think I do. What did you have in mind?”

“It’s a surprise! You’ll just have to see on Friday. Dress casually, I’ll pick you up at seven o’clock alright?” I nearly groaned out loud; I hated surprises.

“Mmmkay. Sounds great. See you then.” I said trying to sound excited before hanging up, not even waiting for a reply. Thinking back though, I was quite proud of myself; I had gone above and beyond for Kay. That should get her off my back for a while at least.

By the time Friday rolled around, not only had I refrained from backing out of my date, but I was also mildly excited. I know, surprising right?

With Miri at my heels, I turned on my stereo, blaring 3OH!3 throughout the small apartment, contemplating on what to wear. Jason had said casual right? I nodded my head slightly, flicking through my closet.

I pulled out a pair of dark denim skinny jeans that hugged my curves well along with a long, skin tight red tank top with lace trim. Then I threw on a similarly colored jean jacket and a pair of open black heels. Stepping in front of my full length mirror, I looked over myself, smiling slightly. Happy with the way I looked, I pinned parts of my long, black hair back so that most of it was still down. As soon as I had finished, my doorbell rang. Glancing at the clock, I smirked, noticing that it was seven on the dot. What a goody two shoes. Crossing my fingers in a silent prayer that the night would be a success, I walked to the door, grabbing some cash, my phone, and my keys along the way. Here goes nothing. Here is a link to the outfit that Sophie wore on her date.
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