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I thought We Were.....?

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When doing the dishes turns into a bath... ONESHOT

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“I hate doing dishes.” I mumbled as Gee passed me, a small smile on his face. He slapped my back slightly.

I sighed as he spoke. “I know. I do too.” he said smugly. I caught his hand with my wet, bubble covered one.

“Help me.” I begged softly. He looked at me, his green eyes bright. I smiled as he turned around and placed his hands on his hips.

“And what will you do for me later?” he asked in full sass mode. I smirked and pulled him closer to whisper in his ear.

When I pulled away, his face was red. “I'm in.” he grabbed a towel and started to dry. Once we got into a good rhythm of me washing and rinsing and him drying and putting away, we fell into a soft silence.

I didn't notice him humming at first until I moved another pile of dishes over to the counter from the stove. “We're never letting Mikey cook over here again.” I murmured, slipping a pot into the water.

“You call that cooking? I call it poisoning us.” he smiled down at me as he stretched to place a plate on a thick stack in the cupboard. I rolled my eyes at him as he took another dish, not bothering to fix his shirt.

I looked at the pot in my hands, the shiny metal surface clean under the washcloth. My mind wandered away as I rinsed it slowly, the water running over my hands. “Frankie, isn't that hot?” Gee asked, pulling me back.

“Huh?” I looked at the steam rising off of my reddened hands and the pot, a loud yelp escaping me. I snatched my hands out of the water and shook them around, the cold air of the apartment numbing them to the pain.

Once they were tan again, I picked the now cold pot up and placed it on the towel. Gee took it carefully, watching me. “You okay?” he asked softly. I nodded, scrubbing the bowl in my hands.

A hand curled under my chin, lifting my face up. “Frankie, are you sure?” I met his green eyes and nodded again. When he didn't let go, I sighed and splashed a little water at him.

He gasped, his grip falling from my face, as the water dripped down his shirt, turning the white to light gray. I smiled and pulled back, rinsing the bowl and sitting it on the towel.

I bit my lip on the smile that tugged at my lips as he tugged his shirt over his head and tossed it into the hallway. He took the bowl like nothing had just happened.

As I picked up a heavy glass mixing bowl, it slipped from my hands and fell, thankfully, into the water. A wave washed over onto me and Gee, soaking us both. I gasped loudly as he jumped.

“Frankie, what the hell?” he looked at me in confusion. I shook my head quickly.

“It slipped!” I waved my hands at my soaked shirt. He sighed heavily, taking the hand towel and wiping his chest off.

I watched unashamed of my drooling. He smiled and reached for me. His strong hands lifted my shirt up and over my head before I could argue.

His fingers brushed over my tattoos quickly, making me shiver. He always did that when he saw me shirtless, but I still loved it.

We finished without any more problems. Gee stretched, his muscles constricting under his pale skin. I wiped down the counter and the stove until they gleamed. With a small toss, I threw the cloth back into the sink.

Gee's hands wrapped around my waist and turned me around. I draped my arms around his bare shoulders and raised up to my tiptoes to kiss him. He picked me up, his hands forming a seat under me butt.

“Now, about that promise...” he trailed off, biting my neck. I shivered, my arms tightening around his neck.

“A promise is a promise. Even if you're already wet because of me.” I murmured my brilliant come back after a moment. He sucked on my skin, making me groan. “Fuck! Okay, okay! That was just a joke.” I groaned again as he sucked harder, my hands tangling in his hair.

He set me on my feet and pulled me to our room. On the way, he locked the front door.

Shit just got real.

So, I FUCKING hate dishes, as you all probably know by now from my many A/Ns about hating dishes. And I had this brewing in my mind all day, but just now got the chance to write it. R+R and all that jazz.

Oh!! Wish me luck as I audition for a solo next week! Super nervous but I'm gonna do it or die trying. I actually might die WHILE I try, but I'll set something up to let you guys know if that actually happens.

If it does, it will probably be an epic story that shall live on through the stories you tell your children and grandchildren. I shall live on!!!

XD enough dramatics. I gotta pee......

Random. But thats just me, eh? Oh well.

Hugs and Peppers,

PS Speaking of peppers, my mom can't find them XDDDD
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