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The End

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Final Chapter! Gerard wakes up, sick. Fuck, guys. It's the last chapter!

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Okay, this was really fucking hard to write, and I'm sorry if it's shit. I just... ARG! So fucking difficult... I was tempted to go off my plot and just end it normally, like anyone else would.. but of course I couldn't do that!
Okay, this is the last chapter. I've been working on this fic for at least four moths, dear lord, it's almost the end... God, that makes me depressed. I haven't closed a story in a while,and it's shit, I'm so sorry. haven't had the Frerard mojo on lately... so don't expect any updates of my other stories soon. The A/N is at the front here because I don't want ot ruin the e3nd with it. K? K. Anyway... i want to dedicate this ending (suckish as it is) to xXLaylaXx, for helping me with my plot and being a closer friend to me than any of the people I actually know. I love you, hon, and I give you permission to fucking text me all your hate if this is absolute shit.
To Shiwoggi, I hope you get over your block.
To EVERYONE who's rated (those greens made me very fucking happy)adn reviewed, I love all you readers but the ones who actually let me know they're reading are my favorites. (It's true, sorry to the rest.)
To everyone who didn't rate/review: Thank you for taking the time to at least read this. That's... something that makes me proud as a writer. But you could review. Reviews keep me writing Frerard, keep me from leaving Ficwad.
Um, I'm sorry this is so long, but this.. is the end, and I loved this story so much. It's my pride and (sometimes) my joy. Thank you all for motivating me to write this! Sorry I'm such a lazy shit!

“Where’s Frank?” Gerard croaks. His body aches and his head is pounding, but he needs to know what happened to Frank. Needs o know if he’s a murderer or not.

Gerard tries to open his eyes, but the light makes his skull want to split in two. He quickly shuts the cracked open lids, and tries (unsuccessfully) to ignore the pain. There are soft footsteps Gerard can hardly hear over the rhythmic hurt in his head, and a wet-cloth is placed on Gerard’s forehead. A new one, because he can feel there was an old one. Someone’s been taking care of him.

“I’m right here.” Gerard hears Frank whisper. He shoots up, opening his eyes to the painfully bright world. The wet cloth falls off of his forehead, but it matters not. His eyes search the light he can hardly see through for Frank as his skull refuses to relent its pounding, and he finally finds the hazel eyes he loves so much as his eyes settle into the brightness.

Gerard breaks into a smile, glad Frank is all right. But dreading Frank’s reaction to him. His smile falls as he realizes all the useless emotions and situations he no doubt put Frank through with his silly insecurities. He’s so stupid. He knows better than to trust the wrds of his brother.

“Frankie, I’m so sorry.” Gerard whispers,, meaning every word and feeling bad that he doesn’t have anything to help get his message across, prove that he’s sorry. He just looks into the eyes of the man he loves and, hoping the message is received. “I didn’t mean it, any of it. I shouldn’t have let Michael get to me, he always does this to me, and I’m so sorry, I love-“

Gerard is cut off by his own tongue and Frank, whom gently pushes Gerard back into his bed’s sheets, fluffy pillows and posh coverings. “Gerard, I know. I know you didn’t mean it, and I know that despite all you say you really do love your brother.”

Gerard thinks he might of heard Frank wrong over the pounding in his head and the rush in his ears from realizing what he was about to say. “I don’t love Michael.”

Frank sighs. “Were you not just about to tell me you love him?”

Gerard remains silent. He wasn’t going to say he loves Michael… He was going to confess his love for Frank. And really, only now it hits him; he’s in love with Frank. He loves Frank. He’s known he holds a love for Frank, of course, but he’s never realized that he is really, truly in love with the man. He’s never realized how much he cares for the man he’s in sin with, the man who’s sending him to Hell, Jamia’s husband.

For a minute, Gerard forgets about his aching head. All he can see is Frank, the unusual and adorable flop in his chocolate brown hair, his studying, brown green eyes. The concerned look Frank is giving Gerard, as Gerard realizing his love for Frank. That Frank is still here with him, still with Gerard even after Gerard yelled at him to leave. Even after all the idiocy and hypocrisy, Frank is still around, taking care of the cruelly confused man before him. But Gerard’s not confused anymore.

There’s no doubt an unmanly tear in Gerard’s eye, but he really doesn‘t care. Frank is here, with him. He didn’t leave as Gerard blindly instructed, or if he did he came back for such a horrible example of a lover, and Gerard loves him for it. He really does love Frank, in the full meaning of the word.

“No… I wasn’t going to say I love Michael.” Gerard says quietly, his reality crashing down on him full force. And he doesn’t care. Doesn’t care that he’s doing something illegal, that he’s going against society. He’s not hurting anyone. Lindsey was right. Some day, people will accept people like him. Some day, maybe far into the future, but eventually it’ll happen. He’s accepted it. Others can too, right?

Frank’s brow furrows. “Then… what were you going to say?”

Gerard looks into Frank’s eyes, just gazes into them for a moment while he takes in everything. He can’t even feel the pounding in his head any longer. He smiles softly at the man he loves. “I was going to say I love you, if you’ll still have me.”

Frank’s eyes widens, and he squeals as he hugs Gerard. “Always.”

Gerard sighs in relief as he hugs Frank back, glad to not be rejected. But Frank didn’t say it back…

Frank pulls back from the hug, kissing Gerard on the lips. “I love you too.”

And suddenly, Gerard feels complete.


Everything’s running smoothly. Gerard is getting better, can walk around and any illness he may have had has almost completely disappeared. He’s called some city officials to the manor to meet with him, and Frank doesn’t quite know what his lover is doing locked up in his room with them. But it’s not Frank’s place to question, at least, not yet. Perhaps when they leave.

Frank is relieved to be able to see Gerard again when the officials file out of his lover’s room, going in to see Gerard himself.

“What were they here for?” Frank asks, walking up to Gerard. They kiss, pressed to each other in the middle of the room for just a moment, before Frank breaks it off for Gerard to answer.

“Nothing much, really. Just some documents I needed to go over once again.” Gerard answers, swooping in for another kiss. Frank smiles, and kisses Gerard back. Gerard backs Frank up against a rounded oak table in the center of the room, lifting Frank by his thighs onto the furniture. Frank wraps his legs around Gerard’s waist, pulling Gerard closer and deepening the kiss as his hands tangle in Gerard’s dark, well groomed hair.

Gerard opens his eyes for a quick moment, only to see a muscular male servant standing in the hallway with a tray of snacks, staring at them wide eyed. His heart thumps harder, but he half-heartedly kisses Frank back until he figures out what to do.

“Scream. Resist me.” Gerard commands of Frank. His other part looks confused, but breaks the kiss screaming, pushing himself off and away from Gerard. Gerard launches himself after Frank, making sure to show false evil intentions for Frank so the servant can see.

It’s better than both of them going down for homosexuality. It’s better. It’s better. This way, Frank will live.

“Raaaaaape!” The servant yells, and Gerard is pulled off Frank by the same servant. Soon other servants come running, and it’s all over for the ‘rapist.’


“Gerard Arthur Way, today we gather here for your hanging.” The man in charge states. Gerard hangs his head low. Yes… today he dies. Today he takes his last breath. He is guilty of attempted rape and of a man, no less. Homosexual rapist. Nothing can be worse.

But he accepts his fate, and is at least happy that Frank didn’t get pulled down with him. Frank isn’t even present at his hanging, though Gerard doesn’t really want Frank to see him die. The man in the wig and the soldier in charge of the gallows is enough of an audience for him. Not even the priest was requested to be present.

And as the signal is given, as Gerard is dropped with only the noose for support, he’s glad that Frank doesn’t have to face this, especially glad Frank isn’t going to be hanged with him for homosexuality. It’s a loss, but also a win. That’s what Gerard thinks, anyway, as he takes his last breath and can’t get any more air in his body.

He’s dead.


A shot rings out throughout the large house, and manic laughter follow it. The man whom sentenced the late Mr. Gerard Way to death has been shot, killed by the widowed Mrs. Gerard Way. A servant runs into the room, gun in tote, and one more shot rings out before there is silence.


The Ieros are together when they receive the news. Three pieces of news, actually.

One; the hanging of Mister Gerard Way occurred with no problems, and that Franklin’s ‘almost rapist’ is dead. There are medical records and a statement of his death. Frank can hardly bear to hear the news.

Two; Gerard Way left everything to one Franklin Anthony Iero. The manor is now his, all the money and assets, and Mr. Way’s businesses as well. Those were the documents Gerard went over the day of his attempted ‘rape.’ To anyone else, it would make what Gerard did with that money a forethought to the rape, a way of apologizing. To Frank, it just ripped up his heart.

Three; Lindsey Ballato Way, or Mrs. Gerard Way, is dead. Shot after murdering the judge that sentenced her husband to death, it is assumed she went insane and couldn’t handle the pressure of going on alone. That one really ripped Jamia up.

The Ieros were, once again, completely alone. They had each other and their children, but they didn’t have the ones they truly loved. But they had to go on, had to fight. They often felt weak, but they had to teach their children to be respectable young ladies. But once both of his girls were married off, Franklin Iero put a bullet through his head. His wife followed shortly after.

And that, that is the end of our tale.
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