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Chapter 4

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I held my breath before knocking on the door and walking in. As soon as I stepped in the class room 20 pairs of eyes burned into me.

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I held my breath before knocking on the door and walking in. As soon as I stepped in the class room 20 pairs of eyes burned into me. I felt all the blood run out my body and into my feet.

I stared directly at the teacher. He was a tall man, with gray hair and small, beady eyes. He must have been well in to his sixties.

When I had entered the room, the old geezer had been busy yelling at a boy at the back of the room. I only saw him quickly, but it was enough. I knew I'd like this kid.

He was... beautiful. His skin was deathly pale, but it made his brown eyes appear much brighter then they must really be. He had a thin, but well shape mouth, and a point turned-up nose. He had long, messy, black hair, that framed his face perfectly. He looked like a beautiful spirit-boy.

"Erm... I, em. Miss Lockside sent me here?", I said. I bit my lip ring as the old man raised a silver eyebrow.

"Ah yes", he said wearing a fake grin.

The teacher stared at me for a minute before looking away and walking to his desk and pointing.

"Just sit at the back next to Gerard", he ordered.

I looked round the room. I don't know who this Jared or whatever is!

"The boy with the black hair who looks like he’s seen a ghost" sighed the old teacher.

OH YES! He wants me next to the raven-haired boy. I walked down the row of tables to the seat next to him. He bent his head down so his hair covered his face. I looked forward. I felt someone looking at me. I looked round the room. But everyone was looking at the board... but maybe not the person I missed. I hadn't looked at Gerard. I wanted to, but I couldn't do it. I just couldn't.
The class was interupted again by another knock on the door. The head teacher, Miss Lockside, who i had met only 20 minutes ago before she sent me here, entered the room.

"Mr Gibson, can I speak to you outside for a minute?", she asked cheerily

Mr Gibson nodded and left the room. As soon as the door closed, a buzz started in the room as every student started to natter to each other.

Except for me. And Gerard.

I took a big breath before turning to face him

"Hi, I'm Frank" I said.

"Gerard", he said meekly

"Nice to meet you.", I smiled " Don't you have any mates in here?"

"Nope. I don't have any mates. I'm the school weirdo…", he mumbled.

"I was too, at my old school...", I sighed. "Hey Gerard?"


"Could you…. em ... Could you kind of help me today? Cause I don't know the school…very well"

"Eh…Okay. If you in my classes. Wh-who...who is your, erm, t-teachers?", he stuttered, his pale cheeks suddenly glowing red.

I pulled out the planner Miss Lockside had given me. I turned to the page with the days lesson plans.

"Well… next lesson i have Miss Hay for math. Then i have double science with Mr Ritchie, and my last lesson is P.E with Mr Pigeon", I sniggered at the P.E teacher's name.

Gerard laughed too, his head totally facing me now.

"You've got the exact same as me!" A grin covered the boys face. "Lets see the rest of your week"

I handed him my planner and he began to scan the page. His eyes were so different then his face. His face was so young, but his eyes looked old. As if they'd seen too much. He must have a hard life, poor soul.

"Woa...", he gasped


"Your in all my classes... Bloody hell...", he laughed


"Yeah..." He half smiled. His eyes slide to the side and stared into mine. "You must be dumb!"

An hour later, Me and Gerard were sitting together in Maths.

Our conversation was much better now! Gerard had asked what music I was into, and, luckily, we were into the same music! We talked for ages about The Misfits and Green Day.

This guy... was amazing! I've only known him for an hour, but it feels like forever! I've never met someone who I have had a sudden connection with. Someone I've had so much in common with. I want to say I love him, but you can't fall in love with someone in one hour! But one thing I know for sure. I have one massive crush on this boy.

"If you want I can help you with your Maths homework?", asks Gerard, as we left Maths for break.

"Yeah! I didn't really get it to be honest, so..."

"Oh, its easy! You come round after school! I'll help you then!" Offered an excited Gerard. He paused. "I-if you, like, um, w-want" He stuttered.

He thought I was going to say no! How could he think I would turn down such offer?

"Yeah! That would be cool!" I smiled, secretly jumping for joy! Jumping so high I was touching the heavens...
Even though just standing next to him was like heaven...

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The rest of the day went by pleasently fast!

Ever since I got BelleVille, I’d been dreading my first day of school. I had been sure it would pass by horribly slow. But its gone fast! All thanks to Gerard. I can't see why people don’t like him. Well, to be honest, I could see why he would be a reject.

Gerard was different. With his died black hair, white skin and tired eyes, he didn't look like most peoples idea of beauty. But he looked like my idea of beauty. He was also chubby, not fat but not stick thin. I could just see him wearing black! Punk and Emo stuff! And when I say Emo, I mean the style, I don't want him cutting himself...

As we walked home from school, I phoned my dad and asked if it was okay to go to Gerard’s.

"Great, but be home before 9, ok?", cheered my dad.

"Okay, bye"

"What did he say? Can you?", asked an excited Gerard. It was obvious he didn't have friends round much.

"He said yes!", I said, smiling.

"Yas!", shouted Gerard.

"So... How far away is your house?" I asked, rubbing my eyes. Although I hadn’t over worked myself during the day, I hadn't slept well the night before.

"20 minutes. and we have been walking for about 5", he smiled.

What a beautiful smile. I haven’t ever seen anyone smile like that before. It was slim, and only revealed his top set of teeth. It was unusual, but beautiful. He wasn’t used to smiling. I could tell because as soon as Gerard got his mouth stretched the right amount, it would begin to slip.

The walk took what felt like seconds, though all we were doing was talking about music. I did most of the talking. Gerard seemed to be growing quieter the further we walked.

"This is my house" Sighed Gerard, walking through the front door. We walked down a hall which led to a door.

"Doesn't this lead to the basement? Why are we going to the basement?" I asked.

"My bedroom IS the basement", mumbled Gerard

"Cool!", I smiled. "My basement is my dads practice room", I sighed.

"Practise for what?"

"Bands" I beamed at him

"Oh! right! Cool.’, Gerard said quickly before opening the door. "Sorry about the mess"

"Don't worry, I'm messy too" I laughed.

He wasn't kidding when he said it was messy. His floor was covered in paper, clothes, art material, CD cases and food wrappers. Everything seemed to be on that floor.

"Wait a second", he said, closing the door

I watched him begin to pick up the paper before placing it under his bed. He collected up the art material and did the same.

"Wants some help?", I asked

"No, it’s okay"

I ignored him, and began to pick up cake and crisp wrappers and put them in the bin.

5 minutes later, the room was a bit more decent. We lay down on the floor and got out homework out of bags. Gerard was a big help. He was better than any teacher.

"Fancy watching a movie?", asked Gerard, clearing away his homework

"Yeah sure. Got any horrors?"

"Course!", Gerard jumped up and ran to a large wooden box, taller then him, and opened the door, revealing a load of shelves.

"Pick one off the top or middle row. But some on the middle are Super Hero movies"

I came and stood next to him. My eyes scanned the DVDS.

"You've got all the stephen kings! I'm still collecting", I pouted

"Yeah, the guy is a genious!"

"I know, right?", I paused "How about the Last half of Salem's Lot? The 1979 one?"

"Alright. Sure you don't want to watch Carrie?" Laughed Gerard

"God no! Too much blood for me today!" I said, putting on a frightened voice

"The film is kind of gross, but it genious even so. You have to feel sorry for girls..."

"Yeah... And some boys" I laughed.

"What?" ask a Gerard.

"Well… I read somewhere, that some boy's bodies can work kinda like girls.”, I said, feeling uncomfortable talking to Gerard about it.

"Helpful if you are gay, but other wise thats kind of weird", he laughed "Salem's Lot part 2?"

"Salem's Lot Part 2" I smiled. I paused " Gerard, you know you said that thing is helpful is you are gay?"


"Well...", I paused again, and took a deep breath, scared of his reaction.

"Whats up Frank?"

I hesitated. What if he hates me? But then I just blurted it out.

"I'mgay", I said, my sentence rushed into one. Gerard stared at me. Oh god... i shouldn't have told him...

"Don't tell anyone at school", He ordered, before looking away from me, placing the DVD in the player. "But..."

He sighed

"I'm think I’m gay as well.", he said. He looked at me.

"We must be friends now", I giggled.


"We told eachother secrets"

"Oh, yeah", smiled Gerard.

I came and sat next to him in front of the TV. As we watched I felt my self become sleepy all over again. I leaned my head on Gerard’s shoulder and closed my eyes...
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