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Andy's first day, and he already finds a.......frienemy?

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I took Andy's hand as he twitched nervously. We sat in the Dean's office, waiting. “Calm down, hun.” I whispered for his ears alone. He jumped slightly at my voice and looked at me.

“What if Steve can't pull this off?” he whispered, his voice shaky. I smiled softly.

“He will. He's quite the actor. Just wait and watch.” I murmured, confident in Steve. Andy sat, his twitching body slowly relaxing as I stroked my thumb down his.

A moment later, the door opened, Steve and the Dean walking out, both red and laughing. “Yeah, it's hard taking on an apprentice, especially one so young, but I like a challenge.” Steve laughed, shrugging.

Andy and I stood, our hands still connected. “As do I, Mr. Banks. That's why I'm willing to make a bargain with you this late in year. If Andy here has any issues, any at all, you will be notified and he will be punished.” Steve nodded.

“Andy here's a good kid. He'll be a little angel.” Steve murmured sweetly. I elbowed him in the ribs slightly, making him jump. “Ow.” he breathed, leaning closer to me.

I smirked at him subtly and took Andy's hand again. The Dean looked at us, his face falling as he saw me.

“Ms. James. I trust you to show Mr. Gray around our lovely school.” I resisted rolling my eyes and nodded. “Mr. Gray, here is your class list.” he handed Andy a short white slip. “I hope you have a nice day.” he turned back and shut his office door.

Andy and I looked over his schedule, Steve raking his heavily tattooed hand through his hair as we left the general office. “Damn I'm good!” he sighed happily.

“Yes, a round of applause for Steve.” I clapped once, still looking over Andy's classes. “Oh, look! You have pretty much everything with me.” I murmured softly. He only had one class I didn't.

Gym. I smiled at the thought of him in shorts and a white t-shirt. It dropped as I realized all the girls would probably drool over him, though.

Oh well. I'll have to get used to that, not won't I? I led the way to our first hour, my hand wound around his.

Steve knew the way out, seeing as he went here not too long ago. At the door, Andy froze, pulling me to a stop beside him.

“It's okay. You said they were 'homeschooling' you, right?” he nodded silently. “Then you should be fine.” I pulled him through the door and to the back of the room to the desk that was, virtually, empty beside me.

He sat tensely, his eyes darting around every few seconds. Aside from the teacher, we were the only ones in here. Ms. Snide looked up at us, her glasses slipping from her nose slightly.

“This is Andy, Ms. S. He's new.” I murmured smoothly. She smiled and stood, her pleated black skirt swaying gracefully as she moved.

She made her way over to where we sat and perched herself on the desk in front of me. Hands clasped on her knees, she leaned forward, her hair falling in golden strands over her black blouse. She pushed her glasses up with the tips of her fingers, her eyes looking like tree leaves in the spring sun.

“Andy.” she murmured, her voice soft. “You look familiar. Can I see your schedule?” she asked, extending her slender hand toward him.

Andy handed her the sheet, his blue eyes wide. She smiled, her bright white teeth sparkling. “Thank you, Andy Gray.” she returned his sheet to him and stood, her ballet flats falling off her small heels slightly.

“What?” I leaned as close as I could to him. He sat gaping openly at Ms. Snide. I sighed and tugged his shirt slightly.

He jumped and pressed his lips to my ear. “She's like me.” he breathed. I froze as he pulled away, my eyes going back to the beautiful Ms. Snide at her desk.

She sat, typing away. Probably working on her romance novel. The color leeched from my face as I really looked at her.

There was no way on Earth someone so inhumanly perfect would end up as a teacher and not some runway model. As she stood, I looked hurriedly at my bag, pretending to try to find something.

She walked to the chalkboard and took a piece between her fingers. As she reached to the top of the board, her blouse lifted slightly.

I gasped as I saw the thin lines of the feathers on her back. She turned quickly, her eyes wide. “Something wrong, Destiny?” she asked, her hand falling.

“N-n-no” I stuttered softly. My eyes flicked to Andy's who was staring at Ms. Snide with so much intensity I flinched.

“Okay.” she turned and continued writing in French. My face had to be chalky white by now. Like the dust she so casually brushed from her fingers onto a little cloth on her desk.

Ms. Snide. My favorite teacher. Isn't even human? I slumped forward slightly, resting my forehead on my desk. The first bell rang as I did so.

Between it and the second bell, the rest of the class had scampered through the door, loud and annoying. Andy sat, his shoulders squared, in the aisle next to me, his face set in stone.

I bit my lip and lifted my pounding head from the warm surface of my desk, my hands shaking as Ms. Snide shut the door and started class cheerfully. Andy and I shared a quick look as she took roll in French.

When she came to his name, her shimmery lips turned up into a smile as she looked back at us. Andy answered in perfect French. I smiled at him as she continued calling out names, her own smile growing with each name.

Andy and I stood as the bell rang, ending class. We waited until the room was empty and walked over to Ms. Snide's desk.

She looked up at us, her face lit to a sickly blue from her computer screen. “Yes?” she smiled, turning away from her computer.

“Ms. Snide.” Andy murmured, placing his hands on her desk and leaning forward. “I know you know.” his voice was slightly hard.

Her smile grew so wide I could practically feel the tension in the air thicken. She took her glasses off and set them on her desk.

“I knew I felt another fall. You're just lucky you weren't reborn.” she crossed her legs, letting her flat hang from her toes. “So, Andy. Do you remember me?” she asked playfully.

“Yes.” he said through gritted teeth. She laughed loudly.

“What? Is that the best you have to the woman who saved your ass for two years?” she pouted at him. His shoulders tensed even more.

“That's the best I have for the woman who killed me, Willow.” I gasped and backed away from the desk, staring wide-eyed at Ms. Snide.

“So, where do we go from here?” she asked, crossing her arms over her chest and leaning back in her chair.

Chapter eight everybody!! Sorry it took so long, but for those of you who read I Thought We Were, you know that I have A LOT going on right now. That, and we're supposed to be moving, so I have even MORE and its just all BLEH.

So, I may or may not be able to update for a while, but that doesn't mean I'm not writing. Check out my the rest of my stuff. Just click on the blue profile name and blah blah blah you guys know.

Also, I'm hoping to go to prom, but I probably won't seeing as I have no date or a dress, but we'll see what happens. Wish me luck as I die asking the guy I like to it though! He'll probably say no. He's not the dance type.

~sigh~ My phone hates me.

Hugs and Faucets,
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