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nick and jess.

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will nick and jess finally admit their love for each other?

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Jess pov:
Okay, okay c'mon Jess, you can do this, you can tell him, its not so hard, just admit to you're best friend, your in love with him, you're a teacher, you're tough! Whatever happens, you just need to get it out in the open..just out there, just sittin, on his lap, kissin- OKAY, snap out of it, this is no time chicken out Jessica Day, just march in there and tell Nick Miller you love him.
Jess tapped on Nicks door hoping nobody would reply and that he'd be sleeping, but to her disappointment he answered with 'hey, come in'. Jess froze, maybe if I be really quiet he'll forget someone even knocked. 'hello? Jess is that you?' oh er, think fast, okay I'll pretend to be Schmidt and ask if he used my mango chut-en-ey 'no its sch-' she started to say when Nick came to the door. 'er Jess, what are you doin?' 'Erm I've come to er talk to you, can I come in?' I don't want to risk being over heard by Schmidt and Winston, who are arguing about how many girls is acceptable, with out being a man hoe, weird.. 'yeah sure' said nick, he stood aside and let Jess in. She stood at the door, and paced up and down nicks room. Nick studied her with his eyes.'er Jess, you wanted to talk to me?' 'oh yeah.. I'm just gonna say this now, when I have the courage t-' Nick interupted her, 'Jess you don't need courage to speak to me?' 'Trust me, I do. Well anyway.. the short and short of it is.. I think I-' her voice faltered, 'you think you what Jess?' don't be a coward day 'I think I'm in love with you.' Nicks jaw dropped.
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