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Hey my dears! Sorry for the delay but i am terrible at writing smut and i'm not exactly experienced with smut but i'm gonna give it a go anyways! I think this is the second smut shot i've tried to write so i hope it goes okay! :) x

Franks POV
I run up the staircase laughing as my boyfriend stumbles behind me, grabbing at the air infront of him in a bid to catch me and not let go. Wow, boyfriend. It almost doesn't seem real that i actually have a boyfriend. Let alone that it's actually him.I cling onto the banister and run into the bathroom slamming the door, only i hear a yelp and a very loud "fuck" following the bang. Wait a bang? I re open the door to find my very boyfriend sprawled across the carpet with a great red mark plastered across his forehead.

"Oh shit! Gee i'm so so sorry!" I exclaim, for once i'm not laughing at his injuries. I'm the worst boyfriend ever. "It's umph okay." He forces out, breathing harshly. That means it's not actually okay but he's going to pretend it is anyway because, let's face it, the guy loves me. Not to be big headed or anything, but it's true. I know it and so does he and i have a feeling my Mom does too and that's why she's still having a huge bitchfit over the entire thing.

"No, come on, get up, we'll go back to bed for a little bit." I say desperately trying to pull him up. It doesn't work. Of course it doesn't work you penis loving camel resembling motherfucker, you're the height of a baby meerkat and you have the overall strength of a Chihuahua, Paris Hilton's chihuahua. I fucking hate my brains mental cursing for myself. "No, you need to shower." Gerard says suddenly matter of factly. I look at him suspiciously. It dawns on me, that fucker tricked me! And the angelic, pretty smile confirms just that.

"I banged my hand! Oh fuck, you believed it! That was too funny!" He's now in fits of giggles on my landing, clucthing his sides and making sounds that could only otherly emerge from an asthmatic pig racing Usain Shitting Bolt. I scowl at him as he writhes around in his own bubble of amusement and then my plan comes into action.

Gerards POV
Frank suddenly looks at me as i continue to fail at stifling my laughter, his face wearing an evil smirk and his eyes shine with pure fascination at his own genius idea. All of a sudden he's pulling my left foot with all of his strength and we're heading into the bathroom. Once we're both inside he locks the door and flicks on the shower before leaning down and beginning to attack my neck with nips and his heavenly soft and caressing tongue. I let out a soft moan at the pure amazing feeling of his caresses and kisses. He gently slides his fingers underneath my shirt and begins to undo each button slowly, straddling my waist and sitting, perched near to my crotch. And he's loving this, loving how he can feel me becoming more and more excited by the second and loving how he's taking full control and i'm his powerless little slut.

Franks POV
I begin to take my tongue lower, across his chest, down to the waistband of his jeans. His moans are coming faster and his writhing in ecstasy and anticipation. I'm making him wait, he's going to pay for his trickery. And revenge is going to be good. So good. I'm going to make him wait as long as i can. I'll take my time and he'll be fucking and cursing all he likes because, that's right. It ain't gonna make a fucking difference anyhow.

I carefully take his zipper in between my teeth and gently tear it down, placing my fingers beneath his waistband and removing his jeans fully, tossing them behind me. He closes his eyes and begins to buck his hips upwards in my direction. I feel my own anatomy twitch at the perfect sight before me and i reconnect our lips instantly. This time it's more reckless, more passionate and deep. More desperation and yearn radiating from our bodies. I slide myself down his body until i'm knelt in between his legs, my face just centimetres away from his hard, erect dick.

I kiss the tip softly, moving my hand to cup his balls. He moans, he's squirming. He's right where i want him, right now. I take him slowly into my mouth, droplets of precum soaking into my tastebuds. Fuck, he tastes good. I move my lips up and down quickly earning a string of moans and grunts from the man underneath me, he bucks his hips up until he's filling my entire mouth and i'm taking him to the back of my throat. A choke and gag failing to kill the euphoria between us both. Within seconds, he's shooting down my throat, me swallowing every last drop before giving him my singature smirk as he pants heavily, sweat coating his ivory white skin.

Gerards POV
"You taste so good." Frank pants, leaning over me and kissing me harshly again, tugging on my bottom lip with his teeth. I take the oppourtunity to flip him over onto his back and straddle him, judging by his excited face he knows what's coming. We make out and grind up and down on eachother until i'm hard again, the whole process taking mere minutes.

"Gee, do it, hard. Just be careless. Just please, fuck me." He whines.
"One second." I say standing up ready to make a break for the bedroom to grab what we need.
"No." Frank stops me. " Just do it. I want to feel everything. I don't care if it's gonna hurt." He pants and cautiously i reach up and kiss him softly. Knowing for definite, this isn't just another fling, this is the real thing right now. We're going to last, we have to and i'll make sure we do.

I line up with his entrance and gradually slide into him. He hisses in pain as i'm stretching him out, tears glistening in his beautiful eyes. "Don't worry." He whispers noticing my concern. "Go." He says after a few moments and i slowly build up a rhythm sliding in and out of him steadily. He screams my name, yelling and firing instructions my way as he becomes used to my movements. His screams grow louder as i hit his sweet spot over and over until we both come together collapsing in a pool of sweat, both of us trembling. I pull myself off him and lick off his own semen from his stomach before collapsing next to him and pulling him into the shower for a make out session. The best way to recover.

Ahh i felt so dirty and awkward! I hope it was okay! And yayay! It's Mr Gerard Ways 35th birthday tomorrow! And Ickle Fwankie and Jamia had a son a few days back! Mr Miles Iero! It's all happening in the MCRmy! Congrats to them! :) xo
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