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Vice Versa

by DisenchatedDestroya 2 reviews

Everything is relative. Especially people. Please let me know what you think! :)

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Vice Versa

Hate is bitter love,
And love is sweet hate,
Tell me, put that way round,
Which sounds more great?

Hurt is harsh happy,
And happy is soft hurt,
Tell me, put that way round,
Which would you rather was curt?

Sad is rainy glee,
And glee is bright sad, 
Tell me, put that way round,
Which would make you glad? 

Fear is dark safe,
And safe is quiet fear,
Tell me, put that way round,
Which makes your heart sear?

Lie is bent truth,
And truth is harsh lie,
Tell me, put that way round,
Which would make you cry?

Death is sleepy life,
And life is painful death,
Tell me, put that way round,
Does it make you hate breath?

A/N: Thanks for reading and I hope this is alright! This was written/uploaded on my iPod, so I apologize for it's crappiness and any grammatical or spelling errors. Please let me know what you think/how to improve! :)
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