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The Dreaded

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You know the damn drill. PERO. Look 'ere.

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Okay okay, this is an author's note. But I wanted to say two things.
If Chance Days doesn't go up tonight, it'll go up tomorrow night. The chapter so far can be called done, but I feel like nothing's accomplished in it yet. I don't wanna post a filler, guys. No me gusta fillers.
Oh, which reminds me, this work of literary beauty (I love this. Srsly.) is almost done. This was never supposed to be long. I think if I hit over ten chapter's I'd be amazed. Expect about seven chapters in all.
I went to the beach today. Just wanted to say... I GOT A TAN, BITCHES. I GOT A MOTHERFUCKING TAN. HA! NOW I'M NOT A PALE ASS BITCH! WHAT THE FUCK NOW!
(In case you didn't know or just forgot, I'm pale. Really pale. And I've been trying to tan all week. I finally did today. I even have tan lines from the bathing suit. And I burned a little. 20 buck bet with my mom I won't get sore.)

I don't know if I'm putting any poetry up tonight, but that's shameless selfpromotion, so yeah. You probably don't care.
Oh well.

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