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Chapter Six

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Chapter Seven

The days passed in a blissful array of love and peace. I had never known a man could be of such comfort. My heart was his and his was mine. I wanted nothing more than to fall into the rhythm of his beating heart and remain there. So many people never believe in the power of love and here I was experiencing it firsthand. He was more than just the man who had rescued me, who I owed so much to. No Tomo was the love of my life. The only man who I couldn’t live without.

He held my hand in the strong warmth of his as we walked along the rivers edge without so much of a word passing between us. I knew something was wrong. Today was the only day where his kisses were distracted, where his attention was diverted. I wanted to ask but I feared his response. So I kept close to him despite his distraction and I focused only on the way his presence made me feel.

The river was gentle, I almost managed to breathe it in enough to calm the rapid worry inside of me.

I looked at his profile. Those strong and handsome features looking ahead of him. His dark eyes more passionate than I could possibly explain, those lips that had brushed miraculously across mine, and that beautiful hair that fell around his shoulders like a protection.

“You’re so quiet today„,” I whispered, fearing that my voice would break. I didn’t want him to know how worried I was.

He glanced at me and then lowered his eyes. “I know…”

I stopped walking, the soft wind blowing past the skirts of my dress as I turned to look at him. “What is it?” I asked gently, touching his face with my fingertips.

He took a breath and met my eyes finally. “Something’s happened…” His voice said it all. He hadn’t wanted to say it but he had and there in his words was laid out what felt like an ending of some sort.

“What has?” I felt my heart stop. He was distressed and I felt the power of it overwhelm me.


“Tomo tell me what’s happening..Please…” My plea brought his hands over mine with such warmth I was almost comforted.

He touched my face, studied my eyes, and then let my hands go.

“War has been declared.”
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