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Happeh Biirthday Gerard ^.^

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Oneshot For Gerard's 35th Birthday :3 !!! (Gerard/Ray)

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Let me start by saying HAPPY BIIRTHDAY GERARD ^_^

This is sort of my birthday present to the sassy motherfucker that we all love xD


Gerard :

"Where are you taking me" I laughed. Ray had blind folded me and was leading me somewhere. Not a clue where i was going or what he had planned so i just went with the flow. I mean anything can happen on your birthday.

"Its a surprise!" He said in a cheerfull voice. His fingers were tightly entwined around mine leading me.

"I hate surprises and plus this is not how i had imagined my birthday" I said

"So you didn't imagine spending your birthday with me?" Ray said in a fake sad accent

"No! i love you too much" I said

"I love you too" Ray said kissing my lips even though i couldn't see his eyes or his fucking epic afro.

"I know you do" I said.

"Be careful there is some steps here" Ray warned me. I paused and then we walked slowly down steps, there was coldness in the air.

"Ray it's freezing" I said

"Quit complaining" Ray laughed

"Sorry!" I laughed

"Don't apologize" Ray said

"Your fucking planning something" I thought out loud

"Dude me, Frank, Mikey, Alicia, Jamia and your parents have been planning this" Ray admitted

"Quit spoiling me!" I said

"I am not!" Ray defended

"You so are!" I said gripping his hand tighter and placing my foot down a step.

"You love being spoiled" Ray said kissing my cheek.

"No i love spoiling people, difference" I said

"Well i like to spoil you, because i love you" Ray said.

"I spoil you" I said

"Last step" Ray said

"Alright" I said my feet came back together.

"Don't take it off yet" Ray said

"I won't" I said scratching my head

"Promise?" Ray said

"I promise" I laughed.

"Good!" Ray then let go of my hand and scampered off. I stood there like an idiot with a blindfold over my eyes for about 10 minutes before he approached me again.

"What took you so long?" I asked

"Sorry" He apologized then guided me over and took off my blindfold. I rubbed my eyes and then looked infront of me. A small table with 2 chairs and candle lights sat infront of me.

"Happy Birthday Gerard" Ray smiled taking my hand again.

"I love you!" I said kissing his lips hard, he kissed me back twice as hard and then my tongue invaded his mouth dancing along side of his. His hand making it's way to my head and gently stroking my hair while the other clenched onto my hand. My free hand found Ray's afro pulling him closer to me and then lowered down gripping his waist. He pulled away and smiled lovingly at me.

"I love you too" He said wrapping his amrs around my waist and kissing my head.

"Again with the spoiling" I said laughing.

"You deserve to be spoilt its your birthday!" Ray said

"But i have had too much today i mean you got me the misfits cd, a iron maiden jacket and now your giving me a candlelit dinner!" I said

"Because i love you!" Ray smiled.

"I love you too" I smiled. We then sat down and Frank brought us out dinner.

"Happy Birthday!" Frank smiled

"Frank! Your our waiter" I laughed

"Yes im a professional in the waitering arts" He laughed and walked away leaving me and Ray alone again. We ate and spoke, getting lost in eahcothers eyes every once in a while but mainly enjoying eachothers company. Glad we have eachother to be with.

This has been a really good birthday and i cant imagine what is going to happen later on.
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