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Eliza's Surprise

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Tuesday and Used1333 and Destroya find out something

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Tuesday xD

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- Ellie424 logged on -
- Used1333 logged on -
- Destroya logged on -

Ellie424 : GUYS!
Used1333 : yes
Ellie424 : =3
Used1333 : what ?
Destroya : what is it eliza?
Ellie424 : im moving to your school !!!!!
Destroya : O.O
Used1333 : YES!
Destroya : O.O
Ellie424 : i start tomorrow
Destroya : O.O
Used1333 : xDDD
Ellie424 : i cant wait!
Destroya : O.O
Used1333 : omg everyone's reactions to seeing you xD
Ellie424 : the control freaks reaction
Used1333 : god she will have a heart attack
Ellie424 : caitlyn is going to die
Destroya : O.O
Ellie424 : Alicia is shocked xD
Destroya : O.O
Used1333 : i am too!
Ellie424 : but she is more shocked because all she is typing is O.O
Ellie424 : and know random numbers
Destroya : letters actually xD
Ellie424 : Lol
Ellie424 : bert im walkin to school with you tomorrow :D
Used1333 : its strange hearing you say that
Destroya : Lol
Ellie424 : Alicia can walk with us too!
Destroya : sure i will, i will meet you at West Hudson park?
Ellie424 : yup
Destroya : great see you tomorrow going out now :P
Ellie424 : alright bye
Used1333 : later

- Destroya logged out -

Used1333 : i cant believe your actually moving to our school el !
Ellie424 : it will make this plan go more smoother
Used1333 : yeah xD

- SweetRevenge logged on -

Ellie424 : well look who it is, its the control freak :)
SweetRevenge : fuck off
Ellie424 : make me

- SweetRevenge removed Ellie424 from this group -

Used1333 : da fuck?
SweetRevenge : i told her to fuck off
Used1333 : whats your problem?
SweetRevenge : jno whats YOUR fucking problem?
Used1333 : YOUR my fucking problem
SweetRevenge : well when you get involved with my friends then you get involved with me
Used1333 : tbh i dont know why the fuck gerard is even with you because your just a fat control attention seeking freak

- Used1333 logged off -
- TheJoker logged on -
- SarcasticCulprit logged on -

TheJoker : ello!
SarcasticCulprit : ello!
TheJoker : nicola!
SarcasticCulprit : oh SHES online -.-
TheJoker : shes your best friend
SarcasticCulprit : the term is EX-best friend
TheJoker : you do know she is reading this?
SarcasticCulprit : im aware
TheJoker : nicola are you there?
SarcasticCulprit : why do you care about her so much?
TheJoker : because she is being targeted by everyone
SarcasticCulprit : she has been lying to everyone
TheJoker : Why do you believe someone you met a few days ago and not your best friend who you know every single little detail about??
SarcasticCulprit : because they told me the truth
TheJoker : How do you not know they are the ones that is lying?
TheJoker : how do you not know they are doing this to make nicola's life a misery?
SarcasticCulprit : because eliza said to me that she was lying and she heard her say it!
TheJoker : Eliza does not know nicola in person
SarcasticCulprit : she read it over this then!
TheJoker : how can you be so sure
TheJoker : how do you not know she was just making it up?
SarcasticCulprit : she wouldnt lie about somehing as big as that
TheJoker : im sure nicola wouldnt lie about friendship

- SarcasticCulprit logged off -
- SweetRevenge logged off -
- BuryMeInBlack logged on -

BuryMeInBlack : boo
TheJoker : ello
BuryMeInBlack : so whats up?
TheJoker : nm wby?
BuryMeInBlack : nm about to go out with mikey and nicola wish to join?
TheJoker : yup b over soon
BuryMeInBlack : awsome
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